Kate Middleton pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth by wearing her Japanese pearl necklace during her state funeral

Published 20 Sep, 2022 12:17pm

Images Staff

The Princess of Wales wore a four row Japanese pearl necklace and pearl earrings that belonged to her late grandmother-in-law at her funeral.

<p>Photos: Reuters and AFP</p>

Photos: Reuters and AFP

The British royal family is known to take special care with their sartorial choices, even during the most serious moments. Their fashion choices often have deeper meanings. Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has become a royal fashion icon since her marriage and her style has been studied thoroughly. During Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral she wore a four row Japanese pearl necklace that belonged to her late grandmother-in-law as a way to pay respect to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

According to Vogue, during Monday’s funeral the Princess wore a bow-tie trench coat by Alexander McQueen paired with a veiled hat and the iconic pearl necklace that she was last seen wearing at Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021.

 Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

She wore the necklace with matching pearl-drop earrings that were gifted to the late Queen in 2947 by the Hakim of Bahrain. The Queen herself donned the statement jewellery piece multiple times, including at a banquet in Bangladesh in 1983. Lady Diana once donned the same set shortly after her marriage to King Charles III, who was then Prince Charles.

Middleton’s choice of jewellery was rather sentimental and paid homage to the late royals. In other photos she was seen wearing a matching pearl bracelet that complemented her earrings and necklace.

During the multiple day funeral, the Princess of Wales donned pearl and diamond earrings that previously belonged to her mother-in-law, a pearl necklace from the Queen’s jewellery collection, and her diamond and pearl leaf brooch that she wore at the procession for the Queen’s Lying-in State.