The Australian high commissioner knows the secret to enjoying the rain in Pakistan

The Australian high commissioner knows the secret to enjoying the rain in Pakistan

We definitely approve of Dr Geoffrey Shaw's creative use of mangos this season too.
12 Jul, 2021

The monsoon season has finally arrived and it's getting mixed reactions. People in Karachi are dreading the expected flooding but people in the rest of the country and glad it's finally raining. But there's one thing everyone can agree on — rainy weather calls for fried food.

Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Geoffrey Shaw has learned this very well and posted some fun pictures of his monsoon snack on Twitter.

"Enjoying a sweet and spicy Mango ‘Aam Ki Chutney’ with some garam samosas — a perfect recipe to try on a rainy day during Pakistan’s mango season," he said.

He let everyone know that the mangoes were organic and home grown and then revealed his storage secrets.

"I made this delicious chutney with fresh tropical mangoes from my own garden. Great to store in a jar to enjoy later!" Shaw added, using the hashtag #Monsoon2021and making sure everyone knows he's making the most out of this rainy season.

Can we also jump in here to appreciate him making his own chutney? Desi food seems to be the first thing to grab foreign diplomats' attention when they live in Pakistan.

His post was met with some interesting reactions on social media.

Some jumped in with creative suggestions

While others wanted in on the secret too

Some just couldn't muster the same level of energy

While others were in sync

Some came up with quirky combinations of their own

And then there's us, sitting here in Karachi, looking out the window, soaking up the joy of the monsoon season and hoping it causes less destruction than it did last year.