Ayesha Omar, Urwa Hocane, other celebs lament devastation in Karachi

Ayesha Omar, Urwa Hocane, other celebs lament devastation in Karachi

As decades of infrastructural neglect compounded disaster in the city, people are heartbroken.
27 Aug, 2020

As torrential rain lashed across Karachi breaking an 89-year-old record on Thursday; decades of infrastructural neglect compounded the disaster in the city.

Residents suffered loss of property, damage, power outages and havoc due to massive flooding with hours of non-stop rain submerging various localities and taking many lives. Given the appalling situation, prominent celebrities lamented the state of the city.

Ayesha Omar questions the authorities

"Are there relief packages being prepared? Is help coming?" she asked.

Asim Jofa has been in disbelief

Sharing clips from Karachi's Defence Housing Authority, known to be one of the city's most elite residential areas, the designer can only imagine the catastrophe unfolding in other places.

"Stay safe, stay home," he advised.

Urwa Hocane wants people to stop playing the blame game

The Udaari star believes in actively working to keep one's neighborhood clean. "Not everything is the work of the government," she says, finding it unfair to shift the burden of the damage solely on authorities.

Shaniera Akram is heartbroken

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Listing down the multitude of losses, the social activist questioned why a state of emergency had not yet been declared.

Shahid Afridi is offering relief and support

Namesake to his own foundation, the Boom Boom star is wading through waist-high waters in Karachi, collecting donations and contributing to ease the sufferings of those in need.

Ayeza Khan wants you to stay safe

Fakhr-e-Alam is a disheartened Karachiite, much like all of us

"It is almost like people of Karachi have been abandoned," the television personality wails. We feel you.