‘Thank you for everything’: Fans give Bismah Maroof a heartfelt sendoff as she retires from cricket

‘Thank you for everything’: Fans give Bismah Maroof a heartfelt sendoff as she retires from cricket

After 17 years in cricket, the former captain is calling time on her career.
25 Apr, 2024

Fans are congratulating former Pakistan Women’s Cricket captain Bismah Maroof on a glorious 17-year career after she announced her retirement on Thursday afternoon.

The news was announced by the PCB on X.

Maroof also shared a note on her X account in which she reflected on her 17-year career.

“With a mixture of emotions, I bid farewell to the incredible journey of representing Pakistan on the international stage,” she wrote, thanking everyone who helped her during her career. She also thanked the fans, “whose unwavering passion fuelled our spirits, thank you for rooting for us”.

Her note and the official announcement were met with heavy hearts but warm congratulations are people wished her luck with her future endeavours.

Fans see her as a role model for young girls aspiring to play cricket and an inspiration to many.

Former cricket captain Urooj Mumtaz Khan called her “one of the finest to don the gold star” and said she always led the team with dignity.

One fan reminded everyone that Maroof’s contributions to cricket go far beyond scoring runs — she was a trailblazer for leading Pakistan in a World Cup soon after giving birth.

In fact, she was the first Pakistani cricket to benefit from the PCB’s policy of 12-months of parental leave for women cricketers — a policy made public a week after she announced she would be going on indefinite maternity leave.

Fans were pretty heartbroken over the news of her retirement, and some said they simply couldn’t stand for it.

It really is very, very sad.

But no matter how sad everyone is, it doesn’t outweigh how proud they are.

We wish Maroof all the best in her new journey!


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 25, 2024 03:00pm
Great move and excellent news. Everybody has to retire one day, the sooner the better. Wishing you a bright, terrific, fabulous and subline future. Keep it up and hang on tough.
Zahid shah Apr 25, 2024 03:15pm
you were simply the best of the best.
Karim Virani Apr 25, 2024 03:20pm
Bisma mashroof the super star :) Good luck legend :)
Fawad Hashmey Apr 25, 2024 03:23pm
She served the country with distinction and her exploits on the cricket field will be remembered for her excellent playing skills.
Ameer Hamzah Apr 25, 2024 03:27pm
sports can liberate women from the chains of patriarchy, perhaps.
Taj Ahmad Apr 25, 2024 05:28pm
Legend Cricketer Mismah Maroof retired from International Cricket, all her national and international friends wishing her all good luck. Well played for Pakistan Mismah Maroof, enjoy with your family and friends.
NYS Apr 25, 2024 06:48pm
Bisma M. era ended she give a spectacular game with her seventeen years career and the one who shine soon after maternity leave real trailblazer for the upcoming badge All the best.....
Ehsan Apr 25, 2024 07:56pm
To be a world class women cricketer from Pakistan where there a little opportunities requires a tough individual and you have shown your greatness, best wishes
Allaisa Apr 25, 2024 08:27pm
Good player and a great woman. Hope all of Pakistani women follow her footsteps and blaze a trail for themselves.
Dr Malik Apr 26, 2024 12:52am
Signing off on a loosing note. Well, can't expect more. Goodbye.
Adv ch. M. Maroof May 01, 2024 07:20am
I salute her on her brilliant career ... great cricickter and great ambassider for pak