Social media glitched last night and Twitter went on a meme rampage

Published 20 Mar, 2021 02:33pm

Images Staff

Some direct attacks were made but we're here for it.

Were you impatiently refreshing your social media, cursing your internet provider and frantically switching cellular data on and off Friday night only to realise Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were down due to a worldwide glitch in the system? Same.

Facebook Inc said on Friday that its services were being affected by a number of issues, after nearly a million people across the world reported problems with Instagram.

Despite the services being restored in an hour, tens of thousands of users took to Twitter to complain about the outage, with #WhatsappOutage trending in many countries, including India and Pakistan. Naturally, the trends were flooded with memes, as functioning Twitter celebrated being the superior social media app.

Here's how it went down:

Some direct attacks were made

Oops, gotcha!

The loners weren't bothered

The addicts were in an existential crisis

Twitter was celebrating


This isn't the first time these apps have glitched, nor will it be the last, but every time Instagram is down, we entertain ourselves with the memes about it on Twitter.