Diplo sued for allegedly distributing revenge pornography

Diplo sued for allegedly distributing revenge pornography

This is the second accusation against the DJ within a year for the same offence.
28 Jun, 2024

American DJ and producer Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, has been sued for distributing revenge pornography, making this the second accusation against him for the same offence within a year, Variety reported.

In a suit filed in California on Thursday, an unidentified woman referred to as Jane Doe said she had an intimate relationship with Diplo from June 2016 to October 2023.

According to the complainant, she started chatting with the DJ on the instant messaging app Snapchat in April 2016 when she was 21 years old. That year in June, he invited Doe to his hotel and they started an intimate relationship that continued for years. The complaint said that last November, Diplo allegedly distributed images and videos of their sexual interactions without her consent.

She further stated that during their relationship, she explicitly told Diplo that she did not want him recording or distributing videos or images made without consent. However, in November, another woman reached out explaining that she had videos of a sexual nature featuring Doe in them that Diplo had given to her over Snapchat in October 2018. On November 7, she reported the DJ to the New York Police Department and a warrant was issued for his arrest, Variety reported.

Requests for comment from Diplo’s representatives and attorney went unanswered, the publication added.

Diplo has been accused of distributing revenge pornography in the past — in 2020, a woman named Shelly Auguste accused him of the same act. The DJ responded with his own lawsuit and alleged on Instagram that she was a “stalker” engaging in a smear campaign.

In August 2023, Auguste filed another report with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) claiming that he disseminated nude photographs of her. In November, the LAPD submitted the case to the Los Angeles attorney’s office, and it was taken under review.

“Tragically, this is not the first time the defendant has shamed and violated a woman by disseminating intimate images without her consent,” said Doe’s attorney Helene Weiss, partner at Marsh Law Firm, in a statement shared with Variety. “Diplo’s alleged illicit pattern of behaviour illustrates the harm he’s caused Jane Doe, and other young women just like her. Our client deserves justice, and she’s hopeful that this litigation may serve as a catalyst in ending the defendant’s repeated victimization of women once and for all.”

“Revenge pornography is an abhorrent violation of privacy and trust, inflicting profound emotional trauma on victims like Jane Doe,” added Micha Liberty of Liberty Law. “Diplo’s actions represent a severe abuse of power and a blatant disregard for human dignity. It is imperative that we, as a society, condemn such actions and hold perpetrators accountable. This lawsuit is a vital step towards justice, highlighting the necessity of protecting the rights of those who have been exploited. Jane Doe’s bravery in speaking out against this injustice is a powerful reminder of the need for systemic change to support and safeguard all survivors of such violations.”

“Rampant repeated sexual abuse by the rich and famous is deeply embedded into the entertainment industry, but we are witnessing a cultural shift where survivors and their stories refuse to remain silent in the name of tours and ticket sales,” said Margaret E. Mabie, partner at Marsh Law Firm.

“Our brave client’s story is one of Diplo’s many worst-kept secrets, and the filing this case is her first step at forging a path to civil justice,” Mabie said.


Syed Hasni Jun 28, 2024 03:24pm
The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury. Our own Talented Amir Liaquat had to suffer from this disgusting act.