Internet sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan to make cinematic debut in Sadqay this Eid

Internet sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan to make cinematic debut in Sadqay this Eid

The iconic musician posted the movie's poster and trailer and we're lowkey obsessed.
03 Jun, 2024

The Legend of Maula Jatt, Khuda Ke Liye, and now, Sabaq — what do all these movies have in common? An iconic Khan stars in all of them.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, the king of viral music and the star behind one of today’s biggest hits, ‘Bado Badi’, is set to make his theatrical debut in a film titled Sabaq.

The movie is set to release on Eidul Adha, and to say that we are excited would be the understatement of the century.

Khan posted the film’s poster and trailer (yes, there is a trailer) to his Instagram account recently. While the movie doesn’t feature any big names from the Pakistani film industry, we truly believe that it doesn’t need to, thanks to the sheer star power Khan is bringing to the screen.

However, despite our excitement, we are a little unclear as to what the film is about. The trailer shows snippets of each cast member, before Khan comes on screen and delivers his iconic introduction: “Croron dilon ki jaan, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, all the way from London [The life of a million hearts, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, all the way from London].”

He then proceeds to recite some immensely lyrical poetry. Our journalistic abilities would not be able to do the verses any justice, therefore we strongly urge you to go and watch the trailer and listen to it yourself.

The film stars Sana Saqib, Shabbo Gee, Kamil Malik, Saqib, Talib Kiyani, Mohammed Rashid, Faraz Ahmed, and of course, Khan himself. It is written and directed by Faraz Ahmed and produced by RRR Productions. According to the movie’s poster, it is still looking for sponsors — and maybe you could be one!

Don’t knock it till you try it, we say. Who knows, maybe Chahat Fateh Ali Khan and co will be representing Pakistan at Cannes next year, or maybe the Oscars…


waqas Jun 03, 2024 02:30pm
You have written so well. I loved reading every bit of it. euphemistically loaded writeup.
NYS Jun 03, 2024 04:44pm
SABAQ سبق پڑھ پھر صداقت کا عدالت کا شجاعت کا لیا جائے گا تجھ سے کام دنیا کی امامت کا Chahat Fateh lives on his own terms— film Punjabi version could do great business
M. Emad Jun 03, 2024 05:09pm
Chahat Fateh Ali Khan — — — the king of Pakistani music.
Taj Ahmad Jun 03, 2024 07:08pm
Simply great and beautiful.
Azad Jun 03, 2024 09:19pm
The esteemed and highly accomplished individual.
Ron Jun 04, 2024 04:15am
This is just a Fad and soon he will disappear in the growing mist of social media. He should better make $$ as much as he can in this short span life on social media