Malala Yousafzai does not want Palestinians to be ‘dehumanised’

Malala Yousafzai does not want Palestinians to be ‘dehumanised’

The Nobel laureate announced a scholarship for Palestinians aspiring to study at Oxford University.
Updated 31 May, 2024

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai reiterated her support for Palestine in an interview with British Vogue and said she did not want Palestinians to be dehumanised.

“For me at this time, I feel like humanising people is so important. It’s one of the biggest challenges we face. Oftentimes, when we look at conflicts, wars, oppression against people, it always begins with dehumanising another group,” she said.

Yousafzai maintained that the situation in Gaza, especially because of Israel’s recent airstrike on a refugee campsite in Rafah, was heartbreaking and terrifying, adding that she could not imagine the atrocities and pain faced by the Palestinians.

“I want people to see those children as humans,” the Nobel laureate said, calling for a ceasefire and peace.

She also urged for a stop to the “indiscriminate bombing” that destroyed more than 80 per cent of schools and all universities in Gaza. “Everybody wants a life where they can play sports, watch TV, go to school.”

Yousafzai continued that her recent appearance in the musical-comedy We Are Lady Parts was important because it showcased the stories of Muslim girls and helped people connect and relate to them. She hoped that people would get to hear “more stories of people from Gaza, from Afghanistan, and from other parts of the world,” and use everything in their capacity to be a voice for the people in Gaza.

The reiteration of her support for Palestine comes a month after she reaffirmed her support for the people of Gaza after criticism over her decision to co-produce a Broadway musical with former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton. In the past, Clinton has defended Israel and argued against a complete ceasefire in Gaza in an op-ed for The Atlantic last November.

Yousafzai also took to her Instagram to announce a scholarship for Palestinian students who aspire to study at Oxford University and that the first recipient of the scholarship would begin at the varsity in October.

“There can be no future for Gaza if its children have no place to live and learn safely. Today, more than 80pc of Gaza’s schools and all universities have been damaged or destroyed.”

She stated that rebuilding Gaza’s education system required a lasting ceasefire, however, people must do everything they could to lend support to “as many Palestinian students as possible by sharing their stories, echoing their calls to action and funding them directly”.

Yousafzai added that the scholarship was a signal of solidarity to young Palestinians whose voices and demands would continue to resonate across the globe.

The Nobel prize winner said that she would soon announce additional support for Palestinian-led organisations and humanitarian efforts, building on the more than $300,000 the Malala Fund already committed to the cause in recent months.


Santosh Wamanrao Pathak May 31, 2024 02:23pm
What she says about Hindus, Sikhs and Christians of Pakistan?
Tahmad May 31, 2024 02:57pm
Love for all humanity and peace for humanity. Let’s love and respect and make our world safest for all humanity including peace loving Israelis-Ukraine-Palestine and the entire world.
Commoner May 31, 2024 03:03pm
better late than never
Jigen M19 May 31, 2024 05:56pm
No one cares about you Malala. Go away
Ehsan May 31, 2024 07:58pm
Impressive Malala yousafzai
Sohail May 31, 2024 09:25pm
Not once a word "Ismael" used in the article, very intelligently she skipped to mention the culprit behind indiscriminate bombing and killing. Stop currying favour and call spade a spade Ms. Yousafzai, then come forward with all the dramatics.
Ahmed Ali Jun 01, 2024 12:51am
What a wonderful gesture, Malala! Educating Palestinian youth is the key for the nation building.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jun 02, 2024 02:26pm
Too little, too late.