Poor Zayn Malik kept getting removed from Tinder because nobody believed it was actually him

Poor Zayn Malik kept getting removed from Tinder because nobody believed it was actually him

Pennsylvanians can only hope he returns or they'll forever regret blowing their one chance!
15 May, 2024

Imagine this — you’re in Pennsylvania for a vacation, swiping left on Tinder, and suddenly, you come across an account claiming to be Zayn Malik. Do you swipe right or report? Any sane-minded person would do the latter. Any curious, self-destructive, person would test the waters but eventually, report.

But what if it was really Zayn Malik and not a predator wanting to catfish you? Wild, right? The singer and ex-One Directioner, in a recent interview with Nylon magazine, confirmed his presence and subsequent removal from the app — and not because he was too pretty for most people on it.

“It’s not been too successful for me, I’ll be honest,” he revealed. “Everyone accused me of catfishing. They’re like, ‘What are you using Zayn Malik’s pictures for?’ I’ve been kicked off once or twice,” he told the outlet.

Unfortunately, Malik hasn’t restored his account and doesn’t plan on using dating apps to meet new people. Instead, he’s making the most of his single era. “I’m content and happy with being single for the first time in my life,” the ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ singer assured.

“It’s probably wise to take your time before you fully invest in another human being as a lifelong partner,” said the ‘Pillowtalk’ crooner. Malik is father to Khai, his daughter with ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

“I only have my daughter 50 per cent of the time. I would have her 90pc if I could. We go see Disney on Ice or we go see the Nickelodeon theme park. Or we go to the beach. That’s how I get out.”

In a recent episode of The Zach Sang Show, Malik said that he doesn’t know if he’s ever “truly been in love”. The singer has dated two high-profile celebrities — Hadid and fellow UK singer Perrie Edwards, to whom he was engaged for two years.


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Taj Ahmad May 15, 2024 02:57pm
“Wow” anything possible in our today’s world.
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ABCD May 15, 2024 06:27pm
Someone from Pakistan, please swipe him right. But, he wants white people to do so.
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Asad May 16, 2024 03:18am
He needs to reconnect to his pskistani routes and rebuild his career.
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