Iran bans Egyptian drama for ‘inaccurate representation’

Iran bans Egyptian drama for ‘inaccurate representation’

The Assassins is a 30-episode series about the founder of a sect known for political assassinations during the 11th century.
29 Apr, 2024

Iranian authorities have banned an Egyptian TV series depicting a medieval Persian figure over historical “distortions” and “a biased approach”, state media reported on Sunday.

The Assassins, or El-Hashashin in Arabic, recounts the story of Hassan bin Sabbah, the controversial founder of a sect known for political assassinations during the 11th century.

The 30-episode series about Sabbah and his band of assassins, who operated out of mountain bases in northern and western Iran, was first broadcast during Ramazan.

The show has since gained popularity across the Middle East, but the head of Tehran’s audiovisual media regulatory body, Mehdi Seifi, said that “the broadcast of El-Hashashin series… is no longer approved in Iran.”

“Its narrative of Islamic history includes many distortions and it seems to have been produced with a biased political approach,” Seifi was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency, without elaborating.

It said the series shows “a false image of Iranians” and quoted experts who argued it sought to link Iranians to the “inception of terrorism”.

Another news agency, ISNA, said the series was a “perfect example” of the “modification and falsification of truth”.

Originally published in Dawn, April 29th, 2024


Azad Baloch Apr 29, 2024 11:38am
rightly done
K Niaz Apr 29, 2024 12:58pm
Unfortunately the myth around 'assassins' and Hassan al Sabbah is a typical example of how colonialists have distorted Islamic history and narrative. What is deliberately omiitted is that Hassan al Sabbah was an Ismaili Shia Dai'i, and Alamut was a great seat of learning. Alamut had troves of rare manuscripts of religious and scientific texts, that were of course destroyed by the subsequent invaders. To describe Hassan al Sabbah as the head of rogue assassins is a major intellectual and moral dishonest.
DaisyBoy Apr 29, 2024 02:02pm
Truth hurts - however any ban is self-defeating. even a poorly produced film or badly written book gets free publicity when banned.
Naseer Hussain Apr 29, 2024 02:48pm
This series is based on truthful ideology. Face the reality instead of banning it.
Anonymouseee Apr 29, 2024 02:55pm
Well done Iran for standing for their rights and history.
Ina Apr 29, 2024 04:28pm
Call it work of fiction and not history
chipmonk33 Apr 30, 2024 12:44am
Iran did the right thing. Even Muslims in general have no idea of the fort of Alamut. So, making a 30-episode serial based on fiction and truth (modified by Western and Anti-Shia elements) should not be considered intellectual contribution in any ways.
Rebirth Apr 30, 2024 02:23pm
Why aren’t Egyptian shows dubbed in Urdu and shown on our TV screens as with Turkish shows? More options means more competition and it also means that our local producers will be forced to change their ways. We’re tired of cousin marriages and love triangles.
Moon Apr 30, 2024 11:39pm
It doesn't have to do with Iran's image at all; this series is depicting Hassan's ideology parallel to the Muslim's brotherhood during 2013 here in Egypt. Egyptian series keep bringing up how this era wasn't the best by masking it under many series like Hassan's exploitation of youth just like the Muslim brotherhood did and so. But overall, the series is good and it does show accuracy in facts and so. All rulers and historic figures at the time were with that ideology and we ahoukd accept that so I don't see why they should ban it.
Haider May 01, 2024 03:27am
People who are saying truth hurts should watch the actual TV serials made by Iran which is educational in every respect. Egypt is at the mercy of western beliefs and ideology and nothing coming out from there is trustworthy anymore. These are the people charging Palestinian refugee seekers on an average 90,000 US dollars per person. Nice way to keep the Ummah safe.