Delete, not block: Bushra Ansari’s guide to dealing with loved ones who ghost you

Delete, not block: Bushra Ansari’s guide to dealing with loved ones who ghost you

The veteran actor and queen of sass recently shared a mini-vlog dedicated to all the 'busy' folks out there.
12 Mar, 2024

Hold onto your smartphones, folks, because Bushra Ansari, the seasoned actor and reigning queen of sass, has dropped some serious digital wisdom. In her latest YouTube mini-vlog, titled Delete With Love, she serves a piping hot dose of realness, revealing her secret to dealing with loved ones who ghost her in the digital realm.

In a world where blue ticks reign supreme and ‘seen’ receipts can slice through your heart like a master chef dicing onions, Ansari kicked off her video with a no-holds-barred acknowledgment of the painfully obvious — ghosting someone in the digital era is about as subtle as a Taylor Swift song at a heavy metal concert. But here’s where Ansari takes the cake — instead of shrugging off the snubs, she believes in a three-strike policy. If you ignore her calls or messages thrice, consider yourself ‘deleted’.

Yep, she’ll delete your number quicker than you can say “girl, what?” because according to Ansari, if your so-called friends are giving you the cold shoulder, they might as well be shouting “you’re not important!” from the rooftops. So, she hits ‘delete’ with all the love and finesse of Deadpool crashing a superhero party. And if you’re thinking of pulling the old “but I was busy!” card, think again, because Ansari is a busy woman herself, and she’s not about to play second fiddle to your Netflix binge.

“If your friends do this to you, they don’t deem you important,” she said, rather calmly in her vlog. “For such friends, I hit delete without complaint. People also make fun of me for doing so. But I tell them it’s because they didn’t reply to or attend three of my calls or messages. Three, because they could be busy at first, asleep at second, have a problem at third, but even after that if they don’t get back to me, I go like, no! I am not important to them. Because if they’re busy, I’m busy too.”

Ansari didn’t mention ‘blocking’ anyone, though, because she understands the hustle and bustle of modern life — the distractions, the drama, the Instagram rabbit holes. She’s also a firm believer in not holding grudges, so instead, she prevents herself from constantly bothering a person who clearly doesn’t want to be bothered by deleting their number. It’s not all doom and gloom in Ansari-land.

“I know young people have a lot of distractions, personal problems, social media pressure — they have a lot going on. So I don’t hold it against them. I tell them that I deleted their number, I didn’t delete them from my life. I love these kids. But it’s the same as someone knocking on your house door and you not opening it for them. No need to mind, just be on your way. Don’t insist.”

Ansari isn’t just about digital discipline. She’s also a master of comedic relief, serving up laughs faster than you can say “viral TikTok trend.” From poking fun at unexpected calls from old school friends to comparing digital avoidance to being left out in the cold, she’s got a quip for every occasion.

“I also hate it when some school friend from the 70s calls me out of nowhere and goes like, ‘haan Bushra, pehchana’. I know there are people who wait for my messages, my calls, who genuinely love me. But I don’t believe in bothering anyone.”

So, the next time you find yourself on the receiving end of Ansari’s digital sass, just remember: it’s nothing personal, it’s just Ansari living her best life, one delete at a time.


Taj Ahmad Mar 12, 2024 12:39pm
My love to young Bushra Ansari as always.
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NYS Mar 12, 2024 12:44pm
Politely conveyed the right direction the charismatic Bushra A despite the fact one turn into depression by means of social saas
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Syed Hasni Mar 12, 2024 01:49pm
Sounds like I've decided to delete my Twitter. I keep feeling that people are following me Bushra need to get a life, these are symptoms of social media addiction
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Ali Ahmed Mar 12, 2024 03:19pm
who cares.
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Taj Ahmad Mar 12, 2024 03:26pm
In ranking of comedy acting Bushra Ansari and Moin Akhtar are rank # 1 and Umar Sharif rank # 2.
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Fast comment Mar 12, 2024 04:04pm
Neither delete nor block. Correct yourself in line of true comments.
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Turak Mar 13, 2024 06:09am
Is Bushra Ansari becoming Jaya Bachan of pakistan?
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Taj Ahmad Mar 13, 2024 07:45am
Bushra Ansari and Moin Akhtar best host and comedian pair of PTV Pakistan, both ruled together for over 45 years.
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Khadija Mar 13, 2024 09:43am
Love it!
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Asad Mar 13, 2024 10:14am
Good advice.
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Laila Mar 13, 2024 03:39pm
She is like close to 70. She has lived her best life. Her children have long left the nest. It's just her and her husband. I saw some of her videos mainly for cooking recipes. She is funny, easy going and enjoying her old age. She is still working in dramas so not really retired? Let her enjoy her YouTube channel and social media. Its better than sitting around doing nothing.
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Taimur Ali Mar 14, 2024 11:24pm
Love the intent behind the message! There is no hate behind it. It is just a recognition of where you sit in someone's list of priorities. Live your best life Bushra!
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