22 Jan, 2024

In case you missed it, cricketer Shoaib Malik announced his marriage to actor Sana Javed on Saturday and the shock of it all set social media ablaze with questions, comments and memes.

All the commotion prompted Bushra Ansari to post a four-minute rant about people’s immoderate interest and reporters’ inquisition.

In the video, Ansari sounded off about the number of calls she was getting regarding the news from people and television channels. She sarcastically questioned if Shoaib Malik was her classmate or if she was childhood friends with Sana Javed or if she was part of their family.

“Why should I answer these stupid questions?” she asked, adding that people’s behaviour was “angering”.

“Who am I and who are you to interfere in their personal lives?” Ansari said that it was as if this wasn’t social media but a gossip mill.

The Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat actor detailed how a reporter repeatedly called her mobile phone, tried to reach her on WhatsApp and finally called her from a landline. When she finally answered the phone, she discovered that the inquiries were regarding the Malik-Javed wedding. Ansari stated that she berated the reporter and warned him against calling for such matters.

She highlighted that actor Talat Hussain was “very sick” but no one had called to inquire about his health, rather everyone was “on fire” because of the wedding news. Ansari added that she got several calls from various cities, all asking about the same matter.

“The country is suffering, there is unemployment, there is hunger, elections aren’t happening and all you want to do is wonder about Sana and Shoaib,” she said.

She brought up social media users’ double standards for castigating those wearing or doing certain things and instead said that netizens should be castigated instead for their “talebearing”.

She directed media personnel to stop intruding into others’ personal lives, and instead entertain people, educate them and talk about pleasant matters.

Ansari concluded her video by congratulating the newly-married couple and advising them to “save” themselves from those talking about them.