Designer Parishae Adnan is set to make her television debut in a comedy series

Designer Parishae Adnan is set to make her television debut in a comedy series

The designer will play a "poet at heart" in a HUM TV show directed by Ali Masud Saeed.
22 Feb, 2024

Fashion designer Parishae Adnan is venturing into acting and is set to star in a HUM TV comedy titled Dil Pey Dastak. The show has been written by Hassan Imam and directed by Ali Masud Saeed.

The Momina Duraid production features Khaqan Shahnawaz and Aena Khan in the lead roles.

In an exclusive comment to Images, Adnan said she will play the role of Nazia, who is “house-help” and a “poet at heart who grows up in the city away from her real life”. Describing Nazia as a “romantic”, Adnan maintained that the character was very different to her real-life self.

“The story follows two families that are connected by the friendship of their ancestors. The families live in the same house except on different floors. It’s a fun-loving, hilarious mix of morals, values, and relatable storylines. The perfect combo for comedy,” she stated.

Adnan was at the HUM TV offices when someone told her she should act. The designer clarified to Images that she has done “a lot of theatre, but never TV”.

“They asked me to send in an audition and very soon after that I was offered this role,” she continued, adding that she wasn’t “transitioning into acting” and one of the first articles ever written about her was on her theatre performance.

“I believe that as an artist, there are different mediums to express [oneself]. Acting has always been something I’ve been passionate about which is why even in my shows you’ll see elements of theatre,” Adnan said.

She was unsure if the acting on television was a “one-time thing” but asserted that it was something she looked forward to in Ramazan.

“Watching playbacks I can’t help but laugh at myself and remember that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.”


Syed Hasni Feb 22, 2024 04:02pm
More the Merrier! Best of Luck.
M. Emad Feb 22, 2024 04:12pm
Boring Pakistani TV comedy.
Taj Ahmad Feb 22, 2024 06:16pm
Keep continue good work, all the best of luck in future.
HashBrown® Feb 23, 2024 05:42am
@M. Emad "Boring Pakistani TV comedy." Says the guy who took the time to read the article and post a message. Is it safe to assume the Bangladeshi TV scene isn't worth your (or anybody else's) attention?
Sharjeel Syed Feb 23, 2024 08:52am
Pakistani comedy is lot better then Indian comedy, where farting is still the biggest joke !