Celebrating some of the best celebrity girl dads on the internet

Celebrating some of the best celebrity girl dads on the internet

These papas are redefining fatherhood and setting the benchmark for all girl dads out there.
19 Feb, 2024

Actor Adnan Siddiqui recently shared a snippet from his 2017 TV serial Sammi, in which he plays a proud girl dad who isn’t ashamed of, or annoyed by his daughter lathering makeup on his face — normalising playing dress-up with your daughters without your masculinity being threatened.

Siddiqui’s real and reel-life lessons on being the ideal father to daughters got us thinking about other celebrities who have, over the years, set the benchmark for all girl dads everywhere.

These men aren’t just actors or sports personalities; they’re also leading examples of modern fatherhood. By proudly embracing their roles as girl dads, they’re breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring fathers everywhere to cherish, celebrate, and support their daughters unconditionally.

Wasim Akram

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Wasim Akram melted hearts with a sweet video featuring his daughter Aiyla styling his hair. With patience and love, he let his daughter play hairstylist, without feeling the need to be apologetic about his appearance or his accommodating nature.

Shahid Afridi

Former cricket star Shahid Afridi is a father to five daughters and isn’t shy about expressing his love for them in public. In the past, he has condemned the gender bias that persists in society. In a conversation with Ehtesham Amiruddin back in 2021, he assured, “I think there’s a special bond between fathers and daughters. It’s mostly because of men that women feel they need to birth a son. But my wife knows I’m happy with our daughters, so she is content.”

Adnan Shah Tipu

Actor Adnan Shah Tipu proudly shares glimpses of his life with his four daughters on social media, highlighting the joy and fulfilment fatherhood brings. His social media posts depict a loving and supportive family, breaking stereotypes one adorable picture at a time. Most recently, he shared this adorable selfie with his wife Hajra and daughters Khushi, Tabeer, Roshni and Mannat. “What a beautiful morning in Karachi,” he captioned the post. In another awfully adorable post, he could be seen leaning on his wife and daughters, quite literally, and it’s evident that they’re his support system.

Shahroz Sabzwari

Actor Shahroz Sabzwari often shares precious moments with his daughters, celebrating their achievements and nurturing their talents. From videos of his daughter Nooreh giving piano lessons to her baby sister Zahra, to videos of Nooreh singing to Zahra, there is no stopping the influx of cuteness on Sabzwari’s page. On Nooreh’s ninth birthday, Sabzwari also shared a cute selfie of her with the caption, “You know how to take selfies now. Happy Birthday Baba’s life. Always be proud of who you are, for I am your biggest fan, and I love seeing that beautiful smile on your 9-year-old face.”

Shah Rukh Khan

Internationally acclaimed actor Shah Rukh Khan is known for his devotion to his family, especially his daughter Suhana. From promoting her ventures to attending family events, Khan exemplifies the importance of being actively involved in his daughter’s life. We recently saw Khan going out of his way to promote his daughter’s debut acting venture. Prior to The Archies’ official launch, Khan sported a customised t-shirt featuring The Archies at the film’s screening.

Chris Hemsworth

As Thor on screen, Chris Hemsworth may wield a mighty hammer, but at home, he’s a doting father to his daughter India Rose. His Instagram posts capture precious father-daughter moments, proving that even superheroes value their time with family above all else. In an adorable set of pictures shared on Instagram in 2022, the actor lovingly referred to his eldest child, daughter India Rose, as his “favourite superhero.” Back in 2016, the God of Thunder and the kitchen baked a dinosaur cake for Rose on her birthday after a bakery claimed that they could not make the desired cake on time — take notes, dads.

Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively are proud parents to three daughters, with a fourth child quietly welcomed into their family. Reynolds embraces fatherhood with humour and love, openly expressing his joy at cherishing every moment with his daughters. Reynolds has repeatedly stated that he “loves being a girl dad.” During an interview for Access, he said, “I have three daughters, which I never in a million years would imagine. I come from all boys. I have three older brothers. So for me to have three daughters has been such a ride and I love every second of it.”

Adnan Siddiqui’s heartfelt reflection

Siddiqui, who is a proud father to two daughters himself, expressed his deep understanding of his character, Rashid, that allowed him to channel his real feelings onscreen. He captioned his post, “Those who have watched drama serial Sammi, they will remember Rashid as the trigger-happy, dreadful hitman who lived in a world of darkness, danger, and mindless violence. (The role got me Critique’s Choice Award at the 6th HUM Awards). But the moment he enters his home, everything changes.”

Siddiqui went on to discuss the power his character’s daughters’ wielded over him, calling it “magical”. “His young daughters hold a kind of magical power on him that he willingly sheds his hardened exterior. Their laughter, their innocence, it disarms him completely. The one who’s used to wielding guns and instilling fear, finds himself at the mercy of his daughters. He is totally defenseless with them around.”

The actor further reflected on how his character found strength in being vulnerable through his daughters — something men on television or in cinema are rarely able to express. “In their eyes, he is not Rashid the feared hitman. He is simply abba, vulnerable and real. And in this vulnerability, he discovers a strength he never knew existed. Because with his daughters, he is a father, a protector, a man who would move mountains for their happiness and safety.”


Taj Ahmad Feb 19, 2024 05:32pm
Very nice and great idea, always my family first.
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Taj Ahmad Feb 19, 2024 06:10pm
Always love all your children’s boys and girls equally and be a good parents, give them good education and full support and care.
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Dr Abdul Malik Feb 20, 2024 05:04am
Bravo to all those dads who love and cherish their daughters.. These acts of love will always remain in their joyful memory. One day some day they may have a recompense for all this love. Who knows? After the passing away of my partner in life, my beloved goddess, my married daughter stayed with me for two long years till I was healed of my deep depression.
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M. Emad Feb 20, 2024 09:33am
Many Pakistani 'celebrities' are single dad/ single mother.
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NYS Feb 21, 2024 01:13pm
Rayan and Blake makes the lovely couple
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