Shahroz Sabzwari credits his daughter's good upbringing to ex-wife Syra Yousuf

Published 06 Sep, 2021 03:02pm

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The actor was all praise for Yousuf, emphasising the importance of a mother in a child's life during a talkshow appearance.

Photo: Shahroz Sabzwari/Instagram
Photo: Shahroz Sabzwari/Instagram

Celebrity couple Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal recently appeared on a talkshow and discussed a variety of things — including his daughter Nooreh from his first marriage to actor Syra Yousuf.

They appeared on Time Out with Ahsan Khan and answered various questions posed by the host, fellow actor Ahsan Khan. Amongst other things, Khan was pretty curious about what Kanwal's relationship was like with Sabzwari and Yousuf's daughter, asking Kanwal to describe her relationship with young Nooreh.

"It's a beautiful relationship," she told Khan. "She calls me Sadaf and I call her Nooreh or any other loving name. She's such a loving kid. She's basically a version of Shahroz. So much of her behaviour is just like her father's."

"She's a little reserved in showing affection,"Sabzwari added on behalf of his wife. "But if she knows she loves Sadaf [then she quietly shows it]."

Khan later went on to ask Sabzwari how Nooreh's time had been split between each parent. "Have you guys divided how much time she lives with each parent?" he asked.

"She lives with Syra. Syra is her mother and a mother is the one the child's upbringing," Sabzwari answered. "The credit for Nooreh's upbringing goes to Syra. I only have fun with Nooreh, I really don't do anything. When Nooreh will get a little older and she'll start understanding the things I say, then I'll start playing a role in her upbringing as a father." Nooreh is currently seven years old.

"The things in her daily routine, the credit for it all goes to Syra. When you'll meet Nooreh, you yourself will give the credit to Syra automatically. For every kid, a mother is a mother. Dads are there to spoil you and that is what I do."

Khan inquired whether Nooreh comes to stay with Sabzwari and Kanwal every day or on the weekends alone.

"We have split it up in such a good way that four days she's with me and then four days she's with [Syra]," Sabzwari answered. "But even in this, the nights [Nooreh] spends with her mother. She loves her mother and we also wanted that she always gets what a mother can give her. God forbid we even think otherwise. My mother has raised me as well. My dad too, but there is a special relationship between a mother and a child. Sadaf loves her mother as well. Nooreh and her mother have a great thing going on too."

Sabzwari and Yousuf announced that they were ending their marriage in 2020, after which he got married to Kanwal a few months later.