We’ve got a new Taher Shah music video — and movie?! — dropping soon

We’ve got a new Taher Shah music video — and movie?! — dropping soon

The legendary 'Eye to Eye' singer has some surprises in store for his admirers.
15 Feb, 2024

We have some very exciting news! Taher Shah — of ‘Eye to Eye’ and ‘Angel’ fame — announced on Valentine’s Day that he is fulfilling his “admirers” demands for the release of a new music video.

“On the occasion of this lovely Valentine’s Day, We would like to inform Taher Shah’s admirers that he will fulfil their demand about the release of the new music video,” his team stated on Shah’s official X handle.

They maintained that before the release of “his upcoming Eye to Eye Hollywood movie” (!!!) his music video and “poetries projects” would be launched on his official YouTube channel.

First of all, did we somehow forget there was a Taher Shah movie on the way?! We are beyond ecstatic that we finally have a, presumably, visionary Pakistani film to look forward to, which will hopefully be chock-full of Shah’s genre-bending, boundary-defying music.

“The new project’s details and release date will be announced soon,” Shah’s team has said, and we cannot wait! Truly the best Valentine’s Day present we could’ve never asked for.

Social media users are also (obviously) excited about the new drops.

In case you’ve forgotten, Taher Shah is the genius behind ‘Eye to Eye’, which garnered international attention and over three million views on YouTube alone.

On this auspicious day, we can’t help but hum “Eye to eye, la la la. Essential, sensational eyes, my eyes and your eyes…”

But no seriously guys, we love him and are looking forward to what is to come from Taher Shah.