The 5 types of voters you’ll probably meet on election day

The 5 types of voters you’ll probably meet on election day

Be prepared for lots of selfies featuring inked thumbs.
Updated 06 Feb, 2024

Voting day — February 8 — is getting closer, and whether it’s your first time voting or you’re a seasoned voter, you will definitely see these five types of voters at your polling session.

1. The over-prepared one

This person was READY for voting day before the Election Commission of Pakistan was ready. They have all the required official, original documents on hand — and yes, they will be reminding you repeatedly in the line that you should only have original documents. Try to ignore the slightly holier-than-thou tone, they’re just excited for the big day.

Their over-preparedness will make you feel under-prepped and have you checking your pockets twice to make sure you have identification (original, of course) and are at the right polling station.

These people know all about the candidates standing from their constituencies and have researched not just them but those in the neighbouring constituencies too. They will most certainly be showing off their knowledge in the lines, but maybe others should listen when they are talking and can make a more informed decision.

2. The one who wants to show off their inked thumb

This person — probably a first-time voter — is only there to get the little ink notch on their thumb so that they can show off that they voted. Their Instagram story with five different hashtags will be uploaded before you have even woken up that day. The story is, of course, separate from the elaborate Instagram post detailing their entire experience and concluding with another picture of their thumb, maybe with their friends and families’ thumb pictures as well.

This person sometimes overlaps with another category, which is…

3. The freebie collector

The freebie collector is just that — voting to show their mark and collect all possible free goodies and discounts various outlets offer.

  • Free coffee? Check.
  • Free doughnut? Check.
  • Free cookie? Check.
  • Minor discount at clothing store? Check.

This person may not be the most informed voter, but they’ll definitely turn up and vote. As soon as they exit the polling station they zoom over to the nearest place offering free goodies, thumb at the ready.

4. The cynic

The cynic is skeptical of everything and anything. Go ahead and ask them anything. Are the elections free and fair at all? Are any candidates trustworthy? Does one party have a higher chance of winning over the other? They have doubts about EVERYTHING.

The cynic is recognisable by the permanent frown gracing their face. This is the person who will stand next to you in line and spew multiple conspiracy theories about why “the system is broken”. Which system, you ask? All of them.

But even with all their doubts, they’ll still turn up to vote — and we’re proud of them!

5. The underprepared

This person is on the opposite end of the spectrum from those who are over-prepared, that is, they simply don’t know anything about what is going on and what they should be doing on election day.

They most definitely pulled up to the polling station with a copy of their CNIC instead of the original and will be making at least one trip back home because of how many things they forgot to bring with them.

Someone in line will probably have to remind them to text their CNIC number to 8300 so they can find out their silsila number two minutes before they enter the station. Will they remember to submit their phone after entering? Probably not.

Be ready for a lot of questions if you stand next to them in line — but hey, at least they’re voting! They can be identified by the perpetual confused look on their faces and the frantic searching of their pockets and bags.

Regardless of which category you fall under, or if you have a special sixth category, we urge all our readers to make their voices heard and cast their votes this election day. And hey, you might just get a free coffee out of it!

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Sohail Osman Ali Feb 06, 2024 02:06pm
Well done. Your coverage of election 2024 constutuencies and candidates great. Your electorare anaysis accurate to the point of hilarious
Fawad Feb 06, 2024 02:55pm
One of the best articles read lately !!! :D
Ahmeds Feb 06, 2024 03:09pm
Good research and light to enjoy.
MOHSIN Feb 06, 2024 05:42pm
Some people still think I am not 18 years old, but they have passed 18..
Fast comment Feb 06, 2024 05:51pm
Proportional Representation isn’t best for Pakistan.
Syed Hasni Feb 06, 2024 06:53pm
Politicians are like Diapers, they both need to be changed regularly, and for the same reason.
Usman Ali Feb 06, 2024 08:04pm
Hahaha. Lol! There are sixth category too. "The fam' gem" who'll never turn up to the polling stations alone without someone elder from immediate family members.
Attique Rehman Feb 06, 2024 09:14pm
You have done well . You have wrote about the types of voters on election day. I am suggesting you must to write about the candidates that are fighting in the elections. That will be fun for readers and that will be liked most I think because the people are caring more about the candidates rather than their ownself infact.
Abdullah Hassan Feb 07, 2024 01:29am
I fall in the first category
Syed Tanwir Hasan Feb 07, 2024 05:45am
Dawn you are the best and reliable newspaper in Pakistan and I always rely on you for the last 50 years or more.
Ajaya Dutt Feb 07, 2024 08:02am
Good start.
Taj Ahmad Feb 07, 2024 08:05am
Please go out and vote on Election Day to your most trusted leader and political party. We need good candidates and to elect them for best work for our beloved country-Pakistan. Remember… United We Stand…
Taj Ahmad Feb 07, 2024 08:29am
I suggest Presidential Government good for Pakistan not Parliamentary. I also suggest more new provinces in Pakistan.
Abdul Majeed Sheikh Feb 07, 2024 08:31am
The Article is written in the context that the voters are free to choose and vote, and does not apply to Pakistan Cartoon characters and photos are all Western!!! We can not write an article depicting our local conditions, who in Pakistan offers Election Cofee????
Shaista Khan Feb 07, 2024 10:00am
Right observations for all types. Last one is too good. ;D
Kam raman Feb 07, 2024 05:49pm
Well defined categories, its universal thoughts more applied toward western imagery. I think the Subcontinent media should develop their own characters of their region to portray these expression and not alwasys follow the western icons. My thoughts