‘Hogai Ghalti’? Singer Bilal Saeed fails to acknowledge or apologise for hurling mic at crowd

‘Hogai Ghalti’? Singer Bilal Saeed fails to acknowledge or apologise for hurling mic at crowd

Says he shouldn't 'have left the stage' and that he 'gave the wrong reaction' instead.
27 Jan, 2024

Days after a video of singer Bilal Saeed hurling a mic at a crowd went viral on social media, the ‘Hogai Ghalti’ singer posted a statement on Instagram about his “wrong reaction” to the “misbehaving” fan in the crowd. There was no apology though.

Saeed was performing at a Punjab Group of Colleges’ (PGC) Youth Musical Festival when something irked the singer and he flung his microphone at the crowd. The incident is believed to have occurred at the Phalia campus of the PGC, however, Images was unable to confirm the exact location.

There are speculations that students at the concert were making inappropriate gestures at the singer, which may have set him off. However, let’s not forget — most of the attendees at the concert were young students. What could have possibly warranted such a strong reaction from Saeed? Did he perhaps forget that students act foolishly sometimes and perhaps the 35-year-old should be the mature person in such situations?

After Saeed’s Pakistani interpretation of Cardi B throwing a microphone at fans, he took to Instagram to state that: “The stage has been my whole world; I have always felt the most alive while performing!”

The singer continued that he forgets his “sickness, stress, worries” and leaves “everything behind” when he performs for his fans. “No matter what, nothing should have come in the way of me and the respect that my stage deserved from me,” he said.

In an attempt at an apology, he added that he loved his fans and “sometimes that love can be overwhelming for both sides”.

“It wasn’t the first time someone was misbehaving in the crowd but it was definitely the first time I gave the wrong reaction! I should have never left the stage,” Saeed maintained.

Images reached out to Saeed for a comment when the video was being circulated on social media but did not receive a response.

In January 2021, a video of the singer arguing with a couple outside his home in Lahore went viral on social media.

Three personnel of the Dolphin Force stood between them and tried to stop the violence. In the video, which was filmed from a neighbour’s house, Saeed first slaps a man, who the police identified as his brother, and then grabs his shirt. The two exchange punches before they are separated by the police.

Saeed then turned to the woman and kicked her straight in the stomach. She attempted to kick back but was unable to block a punch to the head. The police and the other man then blocked him. Saeed attempted to kick the woman once again but was stopped by the police.

Subsequently, he posted a video on Facebook in which he showed damage to a room in his house, purportedly caused by the couple he assaulted.

“I know how to respect a women and I know how to protect a women too [sic],” he wrote, claiming that he “raised his hand to protect his family”. The video, however, showed that Saeed was the first one to throw a punch.

He did not, however, apologise for the actual assault — in either incident.