Bilal Saeed has just sung his third track for Bollywood.

The singer crooned 'La La La' along with Neha Kakkar for the Saif Ali Khan-starrer Bazaar. The video for the song came out last week and people do seem to love it as it's garnered over 8 million views.

The video features Rohan Mehra and Radhika Apte dancing the night away while Saif Ali Khan makes a small cameo.

Speaking to Images, Bilal Saeed revealed, "When I was composing “La La La” I was extremely happy about the fact that I was singing along with Neha Kakkar and I was hoping that this song would make it to Bollywood and it did and I am ecstatic about it."

He added, "I have been waiting for the right opportunity to be back in Bollywood especially after 'Teri Kher Manghadi' in Bar Bar Dekho. It was a long break. I am truly delighted to compose the lyrics of 'La La La' that are really being appreciated and a lot of people find them relatable, which can make this song the next party anthem!"