Food review: 3 plush restaurants in Dubai worth the calories and dirhams

Food review: 3 plush restaurants in Dubai worth the calories and dirhams

Dubai is known for many things and food is one of them, so get ready for some mouth-wateringly good food options!
08 Jan, 2024

Dubai is known for many things and food is one of them (and no, we don’t mean just shawarmas, although we’re massive fans). As with many of the city’s offerings, you have to first decide if you’re willing to splurge and if so, comes the question: is it going to be worth it?

Let us answer the question first: yes. The three restaurants ahead have food that will make you want to come back for more and take your time savouring all the big and small plates.


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Images was invited by the Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism to a few restaurants in December and these three made it to our top picks (and you know we don’t take our food or our recommendations lightly). So whether you want to try them all or try one on your next trip to Dubai, here are the slots we think you should fit them into your itinerary.

Brunch — La Maison Ani

You expect when the venue is Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, home to luxury brands from around the world, the setting would be nothing short of spectacular. And La Maison Ani lived up to our expectations.

The indoor seating is Parisian chic with a display of desserts to match the French capital’s variety and outdoors, you have a view of Downtown Dubai, which on a winter day can be quite something.

Must-haves: Beef tartare with chips, grilled harissa prawns, warm chocolate mousse with malt ice-cream, and coffee (yes, the coffee).

Lunch — 11 Woodfire

Jumeirah, minus the glitzy shoreline, appears to be a quiet suburban neighbourhood of Dubai but amidst its villas, you have some of the best home-grown food concepts, such as 11 Woodfire.

The Michelin star restaurant has a décor that is artsy without being pretentious and tasteful with a few pops of colour. To be honest, we can imagine paying an interior decorator to envision the design details for our homes.

Must-haves: Seabass carpaccio, beetroot with feta and hazelnuts, signature burnt cheesecake, and ‘bone marrow’ chocolate.

Dinner — Okku

For dinner, we’ve arrived at the glitzy shoreline mentioned above to Okku on Palm Jumeirah. A Dubai-favourite, the restaurant has moved into a new home at the Marriot Resort but the lavish menu and swanky vibes are true to the original.

The service is exemplary with staff members who are not too attentive but just enough that your glass is never empty, who explain the dishes in detail but not so much that you feel you’re being schooled, and they time the dishes with ample space in between so as to let you make room in your stomach but not leave you wondering where your food is.

Must-haves: The sushi and sashimi, Yuzu-Saikyo miso black cod and spicy tuna on crispy rice.

Must, must-haves: The miso aubergine and ‘O’ Style avocado kazan.