The internet schools American actor Sarah Silverman on the plight of Palestinians

The internet schools American actor Sarah Silverman on the plight of Palestinians

People responded to her ridiculous claim that "Israel does not need to supply Gaza with water/electricity" with straight facts.
20 Oct, 2023

American actor and staunch Israel supporter Sarah Silverman is being schooled on social media for her lack of awareness about the situation in Gaza.

On Wednesday, the stand-up comedian reposted a statement by an Instagram user elianaeatz about the Gaza invasion

“Many are saying that it’s inhumane that Israel is cutting off water/electricity to Gaza,” the post reads. Israel made it pretty simple—‘release the hostages and we will turn it back on.’ Instead of pleading with Hamas to release civilian hostages which include babies and toddlers there are politicians (cough cough AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]) calling Israel inhumane.

“If that isn’t enough for you: Israel does not need to supply Gaza with these resources (which they do, for free). If Hamas didn’t spend billions of dollars on terrorism they would be able to build the infrastructure to support themselves.”

The post caused an uproar online and many X users called her out for her hate-mongering and lack of knowledge.

An X user said mainstream media has finally reached a point where they are saying Palestinians don’t deserve water and electricity.

One user made sure to clap back with some facts — like the fact that Israel destroyed Gaza’s only power plant in 2014.

One person tweeted saying that Silverman’s claim is faulty. She attached a TikTok in which a criminal atttorney explains how, according to the law, people in Gaza cannot make any new water installation without first obtaining a permit from the Israel.

Editor of Culture Wars Magazine, E Michael Jones was not surprised that Silverman would argue for genocide in Gaza.

Author Fatima Bhutto said that with this post, Silverman is “acknowledging that [Gaza] is run as a veritable concentration camp”.

Another X user tried putting her statement into a more American context in case that help Silverman understand the issue.

The invasion of Gaza has entered its 14th day as of Friday and so far 3,785 Palestinians have been killed and over 13,000 wounded. It has been 11 days since Israel cut off Gaza’s access to water, electricity and food.

Aid, which has been stockpiled in Sinai, Egypt, was supposed to be delivered today to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing. However, thus far it has not been moved. According to Reuters, the United States, who brokered the deal to send aid to Gaza with both Israel and Egypt, said details of the deal were still being hammered out.

UN officials say that any delivery of aid needs to be done at scale and in a sustained way. Rafah is the only crossing Gaza has for goods and people that does not border Israel.

Roads leading into Gaza are being repaired after being attacked by Israel in the past two weeks. A UN official said more than 200 trucks of aid were ready to move.