‘Do not let the plight of Gaza be forgotten’: Ushna Shah shares open letter to Pakistanis on Palestine

‘Do not let the plight of Gaza be forgotten’: Ushna Shah shares open letter to Pakistanis on Palestine

The actor urged everyone to keep speaking up about Gaza and said it's up to us to continue the fight.
18 Oct, 2023

Actor Ushna Shah wants us to keep talking about Palestine and advocating for Palestinians, both online and in person.

The actor shared an open letter on her Instagram account, first talking about the devastating events of the 1948 Nakba during which Palestinian people were forced out of their homes

“Over the decades we’ve seen the Zionist occupation commit countless atrocities, and we, along with the world, often fall silent once the immediate crisis seems to subside. Yes it is in these moments of silence that further tragedies are allowed to flourish,” she said.

Decrying that Gaza stands on the precipice of erasure, Shah said, “Heartbreakingly, children are inscribing their names on their palms, in anticipation of being caught in a bombing. Gaza’s poetic goodbye to its twin city, Barcelona, is a haunting reminder that we could be witnessing the end of an entire people.”

Slamming the West perpetuating narratives through both its media and celebrity culture that blind the world to the reality on the ground, Shah lamented that many “Muslim powerhouses have disappointingly stepped back from this crucial issue”.

“The responsibility, thus, falls upon us — the everyday people, the activists, the artists, the influencers, and the voices of Pakistan — to continue the fight,” she said, speaking about shadow banning and algorithms designed to suppress voices advocating for Palestine. That, however, should not deter anyone, she said.

“I urge every individual, every celebrity, and every influential voice in Pakistan to keep the discourse alive. Do not let the plight of Gaza be forgotten. Share stories, amplify voices and use every platform available to shed light on the truth. It’s not just about supporting a cause; it’s about standing up against the annihilation of a people, a culture and a history.”

Palestine is currently being bombarded by Israeli forces. As of Wednesday afternoon, the death toll in Palestine had risen to 3,300 with 13,000 wounded. Vowing to ‘annihilate’ Hamas, Israel has put the Gaza Strip under total siege, halting food, water and fuel to 2.3 million people. UN and other world bodies are calling for a ceasefire and humanitarian assistance to be allowed in the territory, but so far, Israel has not relented, leaving millions of Palestinians without food, water or safe spaces.