Hadiqa Kiani and Fahad Hussayn come together to whisper ‘Hazaron Khuwahishain’ for new fashion video

Hadiqa Kiani and Fahad Hussayn come together to whisper ‘Hazaron Khuwahishain’ for new fashion video

The collaboration tells the tale of a mother bidding farewell to her daughter on her wedding day.
Updated 17 Jul, 2023

‘Hazaron Khuwahishain’ — echoing in a song laced with melancholy and love, captured in a poignant visual story and wrapped up in the beauty of an embellished bridal dupatta.

The song, a collaboration between designer Fahad Hussayn and singer Hadiqa Kiani, may fleetingly be described as a fashion music video but when you see it, you understand that it is more than just a showcase for design.

It is a beautifully told narrative that we are all familiar with, of a mother bidding farewell to her daughter on her wedding day. It hits you in the heart and makes you shed a few tears and while watching it, you inadvertently notice the embellished borders of a chadaar, the hand embroideries worked down the length of the bridal jora, the mix of colour and pattern. You might remember the clothes and covet them a little more than if you had simply scrolled past them in a shoot uploaded on Instagram.

How very artistic. How very Fahad Hussayn.

The designer has always had a singular talent for showcasing his designs in inventive new ways. At a fashion show where most of his peers would simply march the designs out on the catwalk, Fahad would always be inclined towards spinning a theatrical story for his segment. Accessories would be devised, background scores would specially be created and often entire narratives would be constructed around the clothes.

Similarly, at a time when most designers simply announce new collections by means of an engaging fashion shoot, streamed out on social media, Fahad has often come up with music videos for his collections.

One remembers actor Iqra Aziz playing the ‘Shahzadi’ getting ready for her grand wedding in the memorable Mera Jora. A group of baraatis exuberantly sang wedding songs in a bus in the colorful Guddi Wang. And in Hazaron Khuwahishain, a teary-eyed Hadiqa Kiani is a mother, preparing for her daughter’s wedding. Flashbacks of the past are merged with the present, as the dulhan, played by Sehar Gohar, gets her mehndi applied and puts on her jewellery and wedding clothes. It is deeply emotional and very beautiful.

Fahad elaborated on the collaboration: “I have known Hadiqa for a very long time. I think I styled her right after my second fashion show, back in 2011. She is a true artist and extremely progressive, evolving with the changing times. We had often talked about working together and recently, when I was styling her for a concert, she mentioned this song to me. Her mother, Khawar Kiani, had written it and Ustad Baqir Abbas created its music. While we were still working on the concept, Hadiqa’s mother passed away. Eventually, we shot the video.”

He said that while the clothes seen in the video are part of his latest couture line, the outfits were chosen specifically according to the characters who were wearing them. For instance, in one scene, Hadiqa wears a lehnga worked with gota, with a lightly worked dupatta. At other times, her clothes are simple, accentuated by the embellished dupatta. The outfits worn by Sehar are minimal until she becomes a bride and is seen dressed in classic bridal red.

For Hadiqa, the song holds special emotional significance. “This song is the last kalam written by my late mother,” she recalled. “I had particularly asked her to write poetry that was soft and followed classical lines. Once she had written it, the only name that came to my mind was of Ustad Baqir Abbas. I called him up and asked him if he could compose the music to a piece of poetry written by Maa Jee. The composition he created is based in the Sindhi bhairavi raag. The colours of south Punjab are evident in the music and it’s a very intense piece of music, blended seamlessly with the lyrics,” she explained.

“And then, the video was conceived by Fahad, portraying a story of separation and unity and the purity of the love between a mother and a daughter. The video itself may narrate the story of a mother and a daughter but the song can be a metaphor for different emotional connections,” said the singer. “I sang this song while my mother was alive and the video was shot after she had passed away. I can’t explain what it means to me.”

What prompted Hadiqa to collaborate with Fahad Hussayn? “I have known Fahad for a very long time and have always felt that he is extremely creative. He is not just an artist but a unique soul, a good friend and while there may be times when he and I may not be in touch, our friendship is based on love. I only expect the best from him.”

The eventual collaboration is truly artistic, merging fashion and beauty against the old-world, sumptuous backdrop of Lahore’s Junoon restaurant, the interiors of which have also been conceived by Fahad Hussayn. “It made sense to me for this song to be serious and emotional. Couture for me is a serious product. This isn’t fast fashion, to be purchased and disposed off in a matter of months. The designs featured in the video are heirlooms, to be cherished over the years and to pass down through generations,” the designer observed.

“It has been a labour love creating them and I wanted to showcase them to the world with as much love.” The passion and sheer creative effort is evident — Hazaron Khuwahishain makes you yearn for more fashion experiences, rather than the usual Instagram shoot.