Model Natasha Hussain apologises to Shahroz Sabzwari for calling him out as a product of nepotism

Model Natasha Hussain apologises to Shahroz Sabzwari for calling him out as a product of nepotism

She faced backlash after saying she doesn't really consider him an actor in an interview.
Updated 13 Jul, 2023

Model Natasha Hussain has apologised to actor Shahroz Sabzwari after landing herself in an awkward situation after a clip from her interview on Chocolate Times went viral. In the video, host Ayesha Jahanzeb asked Hussain to name an actor whom she believes has benefitted from nepotism, and she mentions Sabzwari, saying, “I don’t really consider him an actor. But his father is a great actor.”

The host provided a disclaimer, stating, “None of this is meant to hurt anyone. This is just for fun.” The discussion continued with Jahanzeb saying, “So Natty, you’re saying that Shahroz got his father’s platform and if he was a common actor, he may not have been getting such big projects,” to which Hussain agreed.

This comment wasn’t received well by netizens and other celebrities who rushed out in support of Sabzwari, including Yashma Gill. “Why ask such questions in the first place? And what a hypocritical statement to give ‘humara kisi ki dil azari ka maqsad nahe, this is just for fun.’ Where is the fun in trolling someone? No matter who the actor is and what background they come from, we all work beyond our physical abilities to try to do justice to our job and such remarks shouldn’t be invited through such questions in the first place,” she replied to a video reposted by Galaxy Lollywood.

“And even if nepotism exists in this country, your contacts may give you an existing platform but making a name for yourself depends entirely on the actor and the amount of talent they have and hard work they’re willing to put in. Period.”

Designer Humayun Alamgir also commented on the situation, saying, “Shahroz has been acting since 25 plus years… since childhood actually. What is she talking about?”

Netizens also pointed out that Hussain’s daughter Tania Hussain is also a “nepo kid”.

After the backlash, Hussain posted an apology on her story, saying, “I heartily apologise for this statement of mine. I said it but I did not mean it! Shahroz Sabzwari is a very good actor; it just came out wrong! Pakistan is facing so much yet people have ample free time of their hands to sit back and blow everything out of proportion. bhai maaf kar duo [forgive me] and kindly focus on your own life!”

She expressed her disappointment that people were using her words against her as a form of entertainment and apologised to the “person concerned” and those who made it their concern. Sabzwari hasn’t reacted yet.