Bushra Ansari believes there’s nothing wrong with a little extra ‘support’ as you age

Bushra Ansari believes there’s nothing wrong with a little extra ‘support’ as you age

She doesn't want to overdo it though and believes in enhancing your natural beauty rather than changing your face to look like someone else.
03 Jul, 2023

Actor Bushra Ansari recently shared her candid thoughts on cosmetic surgery during an interview with journalist Maliha Rehman. Expressing her reservations about going under the knife, she highlighted the potential risks and uncertainties associated with such procedures.

Ansari revealed that while she believes in seeking some ‘support’ as one ages, she opts for subtle enhancements. “I think there’s an age where you need a little support. For instance, I get my brow lift sometimes, I go to Shaista [Lodhi]. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that. It’s my age that I like if there’s a lift on my face, but I don’t get anything done under my eyes. I don’t want to overdo it [so] that I look plastic. I don’t even want to get lip fillers.”

Addressing accusations of getting lip fillers, the actor said, “I cleverly put a dark outline and then fill it with light lipstick to achieve a desired effect.”

The Malika-e-Tabassum star emphasised her apprehension of noticeable changes in her face, as she believes that any alterations would be easily discernible and subject to scrutiny. “I am scared of overdoing it because if my face changes, it will be visible and people will point it out. It’s very obvious.”

Ansari went on to advise younger girls against unnecessary alterations to their appearance. “Nowadays girls dye their hair at such young age and ruin their natural hair, which isn’t needed. I do it because I have white hair. They also get their face done — I get it if they have extra facial hair but they can get that removed by treatment or if there’s a scar or bothersome moles it may be warranted, but there shouldn’t be any other cosmetic procedures.”

The actor expressed her desire to maintain her authentic self and avoid drastic transformations. She drew attention to the noticeable changes in the appearance of certain individuals, a path she personally wishes to avoid. “I don’t want to name the minister but by looking at her, it’s obvious that she has changed a lot, which I don’t want for myself.”

She also clarified that her physical fitness is a result of natural factors rather than strict diets or regimens. She attributed her healthy physique to a balanced diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, and home-cooked Pakistani food, while consciously avoiding oily and junk food, as well as eating out too much.

With her refreshing perspective on cosmetic surgery and her commitment to maintaining her natural self, the Zebaish actor is setting an example for those wanting to embrace their own beauty as well as healthy lifestyle choices. Kudos to her for accepting and acknowledging that many people do opt for subtle enhancements and not sweeping it under the rug.