The ACF is releasing a short film on animals and what we consider normal

The ACF is releasing a short film on animals and what we consider normal

The five-minute film will be released on June 16; it will feature Sania Saeed and be directed by Marina Khan.
08 Jun, 2023

The Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) is releasing its own short film about animals on June 16 and we can’t wait for it.

The creators behind the film are Sania Saeed, Marina Khan and cinematographer Mo Azmi of Cake and Churails.

The film will have subtitles for international audiences and seems to be titled Aisa Hee Hota Hai.

“The film is 100% about animals but not only about animals,” Ayesha Chundrigar, the founder of ACF, told Images. “It’s more about society and the things we consider normal. It’s about getting people to challenge what we see as normal in our society,” she explained.

The film was made with virtually no budget. It was a group of animal lovers coming together to make a film, according to Chundrigar. It is being directed by Khan and acted in by Saeed.

“You could say I’m the writer and ACF is the producer,” laughed Chundrigar. The film is only five minutes long and will be shared on ACF’s social media platforms.

She hopes the film will appeal to everyone, not just animal lovers. “It’s a film for society as a whole,” she said, adding that it goes to the root of a lot of problems we see in society today.

The ACF, founded by its namesake Chundrigar, works for the safety and protection of animals in Karachi. Its shelter, located in Malir, houses many stray and injured animals.