Abrarul Haq apologises for performing in London shortly after exit from PTI

Abrarul Haq apologises for performing in London shortly after exit from PTI

The singer tearfully announced on Friday that he was parting ways with the PTI; soon after he was seen performing at a charity concert in London.
Updated 31 May, 2023

Renowned singer and former PTI member Abrarul Haq has apologised for performing at a concert in London amid the political situation in Pakistan and shortly after his resignation from politics. The ‘Nach Punjaban’ singer landed in hot water online for performing at a concert soon after parting ways with the PTI on Friday.

In an interview with Waseem Badami, he acknowledged the criticism he received and apologised if his actions hurt anyone’s sentiments. Haq explained that the event was scheduled two months before his departure from the PTI and that he had addressed this during a recent press conference. He clarified that the concert was organised as a charity event for a hospital under the Sahara Trust banner, not for a housing society owned by former PTI leader Aleem Khan, as people had speculated online.

“It is not Aleem Khan’s housing scheme, it is a property expo, which includes several big names of real estate,” he said. Much of the backlash he faced online was for performing so soon after his exit from the party and for performing for an event related to Khan.

“If I have hurt people’s sentiments, then I apologise for it,” said the singer.

“If I hadn’t gone there, our registration for Sahara would have been cancelled in London, we could have had a case against us,” he said. “I should not have gone there. If my people are unhappy with me, then I should not have been there. I didn’t realise that I could not convince them that the activity was for a hospital. We have a registered charity there, it will close,” said Haq.

“Many people said that I should not have done so. Some people also said that I should have followed through with my commitment. Both sides are right, because on one hand, there is a big cause, and on the other…”

Denying media reports that he was mobbed by PTI workers, Haq said that the miscreants who targeted him were “planted people”. “When I went to the concert, I was told that they have increased the security because a journalist told them that the people who literally stand outside Nawaz Sharif’s London house like beggars are planning to throw eggs at me, though nothing like that happened.

“After the concert, there was no one from PTI there. They were planted people and journalists who attacked me and said they wanted to question me. I thought, ‘why should I not answer?’ My team members were stopping me from doing so and that tussle was captured on camera.”

Haq is one of several PTI leaders to announce his resignation from the party in the past couple of weeks. He joins the ranks of Shireen Mazari, Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, Maleeka Bokhari and several other party leaders. In his announcement, Haq said he is quitting politics because he doesn’t see any purpose in staying with the party.