Pemra issues warning to Tere Bin creators over ‘inappropriate’ content

Pemra issues warning to Tere Bin creators over ‘inappropriate’ content

The authority has warned the channel and creators to remove the content from the episode.
27 May, 2023

Tere Bin has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for the past two weeks due to a controversial twist in the story. After getting bashed by the audience, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has also reacted to the drama. The regulatory body recently issued a stern warning to the creators of the popular television drama series.

The authority expressed concerns regarding the content of episode 47 of the drama, in which they talk about the leading characters, Meerab, played by Yumna Zaidi, and Murtasim, played by Wahaj Ali, sharing an intimate moment. In the episode before that, Meerub slaps and spits at Murtasim’s face during an argument. In response, he grew furious and pushed Meerab onto a bed and then closed the door. The sequence heavily implied that marital rape or assault would take place in the next episode. However, turns out the act was consensual but both characters felt guilty for their actions.

According to Pemra’s notice, this aspect of the drama’s content is against Pemra’s own rules and the Electronic Media Regulatory Rules, 2015 — in which they directed channels not to air television dramas containing “indecent content”. Pemra’s primary focus, according to the authority, focuses on maintaining cultural, religious, and ethical sensitivities in television content. While acknowledging artistic freedom and creative expression, the authority emphasised the importance of responsible storytelling that “upholds societal values”.

“Such content is not only distressing for viewers but is also against the commonly accepted standards of decency,” the media regulatory body stated in 2019.

The recent notice urges Geo Entertainment and the creators of Tere Bin to immediately remove the objectionable material and warned them to avoid any such occurrences in the future or else the regulatory body will take action against the creators.

There have been several incidents in which Pemra has taken action against dramas in the past, including Jalan, Pyar Ke Sadkay and Ishqiya.