Fahad Mustafa wins hearts for his kindness to two participants with disabilities on his game show

Fahad Mustafa wins hearts for his kindness to two participants with disabilities on his game show

Actor Mahira Khan and former cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed also appreciated the host's heartwarming effort.
Updated 13 Apr, 2023

Actor and host of the popular game show Jeeto Pakistan on ARY Digital, Fahad Mustafa has gone viral online for all the right reasons.

During an episode of the Ramazan edition of the show, titled Jeeto Pakistan League that was aired on April 7, Mustafa was seen being very kind to a young girl with disabilities named Amna, who participated in one of the show’s games.

The game show is famous for giving its participants various kinds of prizes, such as bikes, cars, gold and plots in housing schemes. In one of the games, participants pick a box which may or may not have a random prize inside of it.

In the viral video, Amna can be seen winning a plot worth Rs900,000. What makes the interaction even more wholesome is the way Mustafa treated the girl on his show. He constantly guided her to make the right choice and kept telling her no till she opened the box with a plot as the prize.

Twitter is loving the interaction, and so are we.

People really appreciated his kindness and patience.

Cricketer and former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed and actor Mahira Khan also appreciated the Actor in Law star.

Amid all the appreciation came another clip from the episode aired on April 11 where an older man named Al-Noor, who couldn’t hear and used sign language to communicate, played the same game on Mustafa’s show.

Mustafa, with the help of Al-Noor’s daughter acting as a translator, communicated with him and made him feel immensely welcomed on the show. At multiple instances, the host hugs and kisses the man to express his affection.

The Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad actor told him that he can open two boxes instead of the customary one and Al-Noor won a bike on his first try. Extremely joyous, he sat on the bike that Mustafa is seen pretending to ride — a common occurrence on the show. Later, the man revealed he watches the host’s films and follows his work upon which the latter kissed the participant’s cheek.

Both of these interactions are adorable and we have to appreciate the Load Wedding actor for the way he behaved. The bar is low when it comes to treating people with disabilities with basic respect and kindness and we hope the people who see Fahad Mustafa as a role model try to emulate this behaviour. Remember, it costs nothing to be kind!