The trailer for drama-comedy 101 Talaqain starring Zahid Ahmed is out now

The trailer for drama-comedy 101 Talaqain starring Zahid Ahmed is out now

In the upcoming series, he plays a divorce lawyer who "decodes the cracks of marriage".
27 Mar, 2023

If you missed seeing Zahid Ahmed on your screen, we’ve got good news — the Ghabrana Nahi Hai actor is playing the lead in a drama-comedy called 101 Talaqain. In it, he steps into a divorce lawyer’s character and navigates many relationships going south, pointing out what’s causing the problems.

On Sunday, the trailer for the upcoming show dropped captioned, “Experience a world of dark comedy and satire as Zahid Ahmed AKA Rustom Kavasji artfully decodes the cracks of marriage.” The dynamic two-and-a-half-minute clip features many couples pointing out what their breaking point in the marriage is and Ahmed oversees it all, sliding his opinion here and there.

It begins with him saying that you derive both joy and sorrow from relationships. Then the camera pans to different couples, depicting the change in their marriage from love to hate. They point out problems in the other saying things like, “[you’re] becoming unbearable”, “all women become the same after marriage”, “men are like this by nature”, “there’s no difference between men and soap — they can slip anytime” and “men and women fight like they belong to different species”.

“Marriage is bound to become toxic for one if not both after some time,” says Ahmed, adding that doubt “weakens the strongest of relationships”. The trailer comes to an end with another dialogue of his that leaves an impression, “Two people get married to stay together and they do, they also reproduce together, first [kid], second [kid], then where does the third [person] come from who persuades them?” he asks.

101 Talaqain which will premiere on Green Entertainment which will begin its test transmission in April. Produced by Auj Productions in association with Multiverse Entertainment, the upcoming series is directed and written by Omer Ikram. It also stars Navin Waqar, Anoushay Abbasi, Usama Khan, Zubab Rana, Faris Khalid, Yasir Nawaz and Sana Askari.

Green Entertainment is an upcoming Pakistani channel to be launched on Eidul Fitr that produces original content.