Kuch Ankahi wins over Twitter by defending inclusion of nikah clauses that protect women

Kuch Ankahi wins over Twitter by defending inclusion of nikah clauses that protect women

The maulvi officiating the wedding was stopped from cutting out any clauses in the nikah document.
20 Mar, 2023

The list of reasons to love drama Kuch Ankahi keeps only growing — the latest addition being it showing a powerful scene with a character advocating to keep clauses in the nikahnama that protect women but are usually crossed out.

Episode 11, the one where Samiya (played by Mira Sethi) and Saif (played by Ali Safina) get married, aired on Saturday. During their nikah scene, Samiya’s aunt, played by Vaneeza Ahmed, interrupts the maulvi sahab, asking him to not cut out any clauses. The maulvi says they hold little importance and the boy’s side usually gets them cut. The groom’s mother backs him, asking if they doubt their intentions.

The phuppo shuts everyone down by staying adamant on including the clauses on rights to alimony, child custody and divorce, saying Islam has ascribed them for the protection of women and no one has the right to remove them.

Pakistani Twitter is super appreciative of the fact that the drama chose to highlight this issue and stressed on keeping clauses that protect women, no matter what anyone has to say about it.

Netizens see a change in our dramas.

They love that the drama draws from life and executes it with both a comedic element and emotion.

Rely on the law, not people’s promises.

Just more reasons to love Kuch Ankahi.

Fingers crossed for Samiya taking a stand for herself and getting out of a potentially toxic marriage.

We love seeing powerful and empowering scenes in dramas and this was certainly one of them. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing even more scenes like this in Kuch Ankahi before it ends.