29 Jan, 2023

Kuch Ankahi has been a breath of fresh air from its very first episode and the drama only keeps on giving. Viewers are finding more and more reasons to love the series, the most recent being its show of platonic friendship between a man and a woman, “grey characters” and well-developed storylines for side characters instead of the focus solely being on the two leads.

On Saturday, episode four of the drama dropped and while netizens were not expecting it to be interesting due to a shortage of Salman-Aaliya moments, they were pleasantly surprised. The plot started becoming less of a one-track road and more of a well formed web and Pakistani Twitter is fully invested in this.

Show creators are doing side characters justice — finally!

Multiple plots and all of them tie into the storyline.

Normalise platonic relationships!

That’s just a side effect of good chemistry.

That’s what we like.

Down with the sterotypes!

Subtle and wholesome > loud and toxic by miles.

Are you watching Kuch Ankahi?