Sami Khan wants to leave offensive talk show questions behind and move on

Sami Khan wants to leave offensive talk show questions behind and move on

He thanked his fans, friends and family for their support and said he will leave it all to God.
06 Mar, 2023

Sometimes people forget that even jesting has its limits — you need to know when to stop before you cross a line. Sami Khan recently appeared on Fahad Mustafa’s talk show The Fourth Umpire and was asked a series of questions that jokingly implied that he is not a successful actor. Many celebs took offence on his behalf and rose to defend him, including Ayesha Omar, Ramsha Khan and Adnan Siddiqui. Khan finally released a statement on the matter, saying he was hurt at first but has decided to trust in God.

On Sunday, he addressed the situation on Instagram and said, “Thanks to all my friends, fans and family for your love and support, [and] for all the posts and private messages, it means a lot to me. Patience is hard but it makes your belief stronger,” he wrote, quoting something in Arabic that translates to “God honours those He wants and He humiliates those He wants”.

“I was upset and hurt, not only because of what I went through but because of what my family had to go through, so I prayed and left every thing to Allah,” he continued. “Our success and failure is in the hands of ALLAH, not people. If HE is with you, no one can harm you. ALLAH is with me.”

The actor said that he would like to move on and not discuss it any further because he does not deem it worthy of importance. He expressed gratitude for his fans one last time. “Thank you so much once again for the love and support! Love you all,” he concluded.

Khan appeared on the show a week earlier. During the episode, he was questioned by another regular on the show as part of an interview segment. He asked him questions that not only targeted his skillset and career but also the way he looks, suggesting plastic surgery — jokingly, of course. He raised pointed questions, like if he is such a talented, good looking hero then why his films don’t do well. “Khalil ur Rehman’s first film was super duper hit, his next one Kaaf Kangana, why did it flop? You were in it, maybe that’s why,” he said, suggesting he should play side characters instead of the main character. While Khan responded in good humour on camera, it seemed like the other guest, Momal Sheikh, felt awkward being there. Even Mustafa hid his face and had to divert attention to Sheikh to move on from the awkward questioning.