Ushna Shah ‘disgusted’ at blogger who brought photographer, drone to her wedding

Ushna Shah ‘disgusted’ at blogger who brought photographer, drone to her wedding

The actor named and shamed him for not complying with the invitation request and threatened potential legal action.
Updated 27 Feb, 2023

Every bride wants her special day to go smoothly and goes through a lot of preparation beforehand to ensure everything is perfect. But when it’s a celebrity getting hitched, sometimes people refuse to understand that their privacy needs to be respected — especially if they ask for it. Actor Ushna Shah tied the knot with professional golfer Hamza Amin on Sunday but some developments put a damper on the celebrations — such as an invited blogger not only bringing a plus one but also a photographer and a drone to swoop in on moments the actor wanted to share only with her close family.

On Monday, the actor took to Instagram to name and shame the guest who did not comply with the terms clearly defined in the invite. “I am disgusted and feel violated. AB Lakhany, of Moovyshoovy was invited out of obligation as I have known him for years and he happened to be at the office where we were designing invitations. His invite said strictly no plus one,” she wrote. “He was then sent a memo along with other guests to not record personal moments, especially the nikah. Not only did he bring a plus one, he brought a photographer without permission [and] lied to my family that I had allowed this. That photographer then sent exclusive unapproved photos to various [media] portals.”

Images has reached out to Lakhani for a comment. Shah’s own photographers — O Shoot and Fatima Tariq Photography — have not released any pictures from the event.

She said that he also brought a drone and “snuck” it into the private nikah enclosure on the water and recorded the signing, which left her “in tears” afterwards. “This man has no principles, no ethics and no business being hired for anything. [I] invited him out of courtesy and he showed none. I am absolutely repulsed,” she added.

The Habs actor shared screenshots of the invite she sent to Lakhani.

She described the atmosphere when the drone reached her. “The drone was hovering loudly next to my head during my signing I had to shoo it away. I had a sick feeling in my stomach wondering who it was. Does any bride deserve this?” she questioned.

Shah also addressed comments people have made about her outfit and wrote, “Whether my dress looked Indian to people or even Mongolian, does any human being deserve this? Our nikah enclosure allowed 15 people, family only. I am dizzy with disgust that this man would stoop so low.”

She said the photographer in question was Saad Ansari Photography who “claims he just posted and distributed someone else’s photos”. The Parizaad actor said she will take legal action if possible. “Whoever it was, was not invited and came with AB Lakhani — please unfollow his sick portal. If I have any legal standing to do something about this, I will. I feel absolutely violated,” she concluded.

Way to ruin someone’s big day.