20 Feb, 2023

Cricket is a game that often plays with the spectators’ hearts more than anything else but when the players pull a 180 on us, the joy is tremendous. In a complete turnaround, the Karachi Kings finally won their first PSL match, batting the Lahore Qalandars out of the field. Fans are ecstatic and they’ve erased the Kings’ three losses this year from their collective memory because the win, that too against last year’s winners, supersedes all.

On Sunday, Karachi Kings’ captain Imad Wasim smashed an unbeaten 35 off 19 to power his team to 185-5 before cramping the Lahore batters for runs, effectively wrapping up Lahore’s innings. Karachi won by 67 runs during the 17th over and fans are not letting the glee over the Qalandars’ destruction fade anytime soon.

Netizens keep jokingly pointing out that Karachi may have lost to all other teams but Lahore is where they draw the line.

KK fans versus LQ fans.

A summary.


Must have been a toughie for Lala to choose between his son-in-law’s team and his home team — win-win either way though.

Which PSL team are you rooting for?