‘Today’s episode belonged to Saad’: Wahaj Ali appreciation takes over the TL after Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha’s latest episode

Published 17 Jan, 2023 12:02pm

Images Staff

Twitter users can't help but praise his wordless performance that made them feel tonnes.

Wahaj Ali is the man of the hour — at least on Pakistani Twitter — after last night’s Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha episode. Love triangles are messy, complicated and heart wrenching for not just the trio involved, but also the audience. It gets even more tragic when you root for the one who’s losing and Saad’s pain has touched hearts. They can’t help but feel for him all the while praising the actor (Ali) playing him.

The drama, helmed by Badar Mehmood, follows the story of Saad, Maheer (Hania Aamir) and Areeb (Zaviyar Naumaan). Saad has always been in love with his cousin Maheer but his life takes a radically different turn when he fails to confess his feelings. Episode six captures his agony in a performance that conveys the sentiments wordlessly. Netizens are still reeling from it the next day, flooding Twitter with their appreciation for the actor and the character.

We have to say, expressions play as vital a role in acting as dialogue delivery, if not more.

We’re in our soft boy appreciation era.

Stay non-toxic, king!

Your baggage is our baggage, Saad.

A lovable male lead in a Pakistani drama — kind of rare.

How, indeed.

And of course, some memes were also extracted from Saad’s tragedy because, hello, how else would we cope?

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