Rizwan getting replaced by Sarfaraz Ahmed in Pak vs NZ Test series draws mixed reactions

Published 26 Dec, 2022 05:36pm

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Some netizens think the management is a joke for this decision whilst others are praising the strategy.

<p>Photo: PCB</p>

Photo: PCB

The Babar Azam-Rizwan partnership is something we’ve grown accustomed to and expect because we accept it as the natural order of things. To have that taken away is sure to cause a little kerfuffle. Some netizens are disappointed with the decision to replace the wicketkeeper-batter with Sarfaraz Ahmed while others think it’s the right call to have him rest.

On Monday, day one of the first Test between hosts Pakistan and New Zealand took place in Karachi. The Green Shirts chose to bat first and are currently at 302 runs with four wickets down. The captain has hit his century and he’s still standing. Ahmed entered the game on run 43 and they piled on more with an unbroken fifth-wicket partnership.

While Pakistani Twitter is all praises for Azam, they are still processing Rizwan’s replacement.

For some, acceptance comes easier than others — actor Arslan Naseer is among them.

Some are so impressed with Ahmed’s performance, they want to find a way to keep both him and Rizwan.

Not everyone is as accepting though. Some Twitter users are enraged and think this decision is enough to qualify Pakistani cricket as a “circus”.

They feel that this is a downgrade for the skipper and he should fight for Rizwan.

And then there are some people who think though it was a good call to have Rizwan rest, bringing Ahmed in his place is “debatable”.

Did we go back 10 years?

What are your thoughts on the replacement?