Pakistani Twitter users question their social standing after Shehzad Ghias, Muzamil Hasan discuss being middle class

Updated 01 Dec, 2022 04:35pm

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The content creators addressed their elite "criticism", stirring up the virtual world with what they think is categorised as middle class.

Pakistan Twitter has erupted into a whole new debate about what it means to be middle class following Muzamil Hasan’s appearance on Shehzad Ghias’ podcast The Pakistan Experience. In a section labelled “Personal criticisms addressed”, they discussed how not-so-elite they are or have been growing up. The inclusion of Beaconhouse School System, LUMS, a Corolla and vacationing in the US has prompted netizens to fire back with a plethora of memes.

On Wednesday, the comedian shared a clip from his podcast with Hasan and asked, “Is Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi elite?” In it, Ghias brought up Hasan’s comment about the former needing to “step out of his elite bubble”. The duo then proceeded to argue, each trying to defend himself against the “elite” classification. The comedian said though he lives in an “elite location”, his home and studio are relatively humble.

Hasan said as a result of upward social mobility, he is in a better position now but that he grew up middle class — wore hand-me-downs and drove the same car for 18 years. Then followed Ghias’ digs at Hasan for his educational background, a Corolla picking him up from school and his vacations abroad.

The clip has mostly tickled netizens’ funny bones as they question their own social standing after the well off content creators categorised themselves in the middle class.

Some Twitter users tried to keep them in check, reminding them that the “real middle class” cannot afford any of this. One user said it is not smart for the standard of comparison to be with Pakistani billionaire, businessman Mian Muhammad Mansha.

While another simply asked for them to hand over their wealth to him.

They addressed the middle class “fetish” and branded the duo as “burgers”.

Memes were bound to follow.

Who do you think classifies as middle class?