Updated 09 Dec, 2022

Celebrity couple Sarah Khan and singer Falak Shabir were recently spotted vacationing in Dubai.

With their Instagram brimming with adorable photos and scenic views of the city, we couldn't help but sit them down for a quick chat on what their vacation was all about.

The couple shared their thoughts and experiences on everything food, shopping, activities and fun in Dubai.

Here's how it went.

IMAGES: Do you have any most favourite spots in Dubai that you feel every Pakistani must visit?

Sarah: It’s a difficult question because there are a lot of places in Dubai that we'd like all Pakistanis to see. Every time we get here, we explore a completely new place and that is what everyone should do when in Dubai.

I feel it would be complete injustice if I point to one spot and and say you should explore only that because there is a lot to see and experience here; but you should definitely check out the spas here for relaxation.

Falak: I agree. I also think that there is a lot of food variety being offered in Dubai. There are two main attractions in Dubai; one is the ambiance and vibes they've created everywhere and the second is definitely food.

IMAGES: What are some of your favourite activities here in Dubai?

Falak: Skydiving is at the top of my list! I got to experience it with a friend and that is what helped me take the leap and sign up for it. I also liked the fact that the team was really professional and made it easy for us to experience such a thing.

Sarah: I have to say that the show at La Perle by Dragone left me feeling all nostalgic because it took me back to the memories of my visits to circuses during childhood with my nana (grandfather); the other favourite I have on my list is the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Falak: I also liked Edge Walk and the top of the Burj Khalifa.

The couple also mentioned the Museum of the Future as a top favourite.

IMAGES: What made you fall in love with the Miracle Garden?

Falak: For me, it was the Smurf Village and the Emirates Plane that was filled with flowers and bursting with colours.

Sarah: I agree. But I also absolutely loved the Hearts Passage.

IMAGES: Any shopping spots in Dubai that you visit regularly and would recommend to us?

Falak: Too many, we shopped at a lot of places, but we think City Walk Dubai and JBR were the best. Also Dubai Mall is a must for every traveler.

IMAGES: Tell us about your favourite hotel in Dubai and why is it your favourite?

Sarah: SLS Dubai Hotel and this room! And that's because both of us are minimalists and love elegant places with a single theme and an amazing view. We also like it because it is really spacious; perfect for our daughter to play.

Falak: We like this hotel best because it’s really close to the Dubai Mall, Downtown and the Burj Khalifa. The location is perfect and that's why SLS is at the top of our list. We also loved the 25Hours Hotel just by the way.

Sarah: We think it’s a perfect place for people who are vacationing in Dubai with their friends or family because there are a lot of activities here.

IMAGES: You recently visited Green Planet Dubai. How was your experience, what did you like the most about it?

Sarah: One of my absolute favourite places here is Green Planet Dubai.

Falak: The environment that has been created at Green Planet Dubai is really scenic and close to nature. There are a lot of unique things to explore and because of that Green Planet is one of our favourite places.

IMAGES: Do you plan to travel again in the near future? Where to and what for?

Falak: Oh we're coming back here for the Dubai Shopping Festival and the new years celebrations are around the corner too. So it's Dubai for sure. And since we now own the Golden Visa, it feels like Dubai is our home now.

I'm also planning a music video shoot here so we’re going to visit Dubai again very soon.


jsav12 Dec 03, 2022 05:48pm
Dubai is a good holiday place only for those people who like shopping and visiting urban centers. If you're in Debai, the best thing to do is hop on a bus to Abu Dhabi and visit the Louvre!