Shahroz Sabzwari opens up about the special bond his daughters Nooreh and Zahra share

Updated 01 Nov, 2022 05:14pm

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He added that if his eldest daughter wants to see her baby sister while she’s at her mother’s house, then his wife Sadaf Kanwal wouldn't have a problem sending Zahra there.

<p>Photo: Screen-grab /YouTube</p>

Photo: Screen-grab /YouTube

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari welcomed their first child, Syeda Zahra, about three months ago and many fans have been very curious about how Sabzwari’s daughter from his first marriage, Nooreh, reacted to the birth of her half-sister. Wonder no more because in a new interview, Sabzwari said Nooreh was unexpectedly very excited to meet Zahra.

Sabzwari and Kanwal appeared on Fuchsia Magazine’s show on Monday where the couple started off with their take on perfumes, their preferences and their new routine ever since the newest addition to the family.

“The best thing that happened to us was what Allah put in Nooreh’s heart for Zahra. On day one, both families were prepared that she could react in any way but in her [Sadaf’s] eighth and ninth months, Nooreh started asking when her sister would arrive. Even though we told her we don’t know what the gender is, she was like it’s a sister and we didn’t get it checked. Nooreh is so particular about her that even if I pick Zahra the wrong way, she gets anxiety,” Sabzwari shared.

When the host credited him, Kanwal and his ex-wife Syra Yousuf for the positive environment they have created for Nooreh, the Nand actor added that if his eldest daughter wants to see her baby sister while she’s at her mother’s house, then Kanwal wouldn’t have a problem sending Zahra there because “kids come first”.

In a previous interview with the same magazine, Yousuf mentioned that Nooreh was over the moon to have a sibling of her own, mainly because all her friends have siblings and so do her cousins. “When Zahra was born she was on top of the world and it’s lovely to see, it makes me very happy to see her feel that way towards [her sister],” the Sinf-e-Aahan actor had said.

Sabzwari and Kanwal tied the knot in May 2020, very shortly after he announced his divorce with Yousuf in March the same year. The former couple cited irreconcilable differences for the dissolution of their marriage.