Mahira Khan spent World Mental Health Day visiting a rehab facility for children

Mahira Khan spent World Mental Health Day visiting a rehab facility for children

The actor shared "heart crushing" stories and asked people to be kinder and remove the stigma attached to mental health.
11 Oct, 2022

Mental health matters and that cannot be stressed upon enough. This year, on World Mental Health Day, Mahira Khan paid a visit to some children at the Alleviate Addiction Suffering (AAS) rehabilitation centre and talked about the battles they’ve fought. She asked people to be kinder and do all they can to alleviate the stigma attached to mental health.

On Monday, she shared a video of her experience at the facility and said her visit made her realise she’s working with the right association. “The stories I heard were heart crushing.. I can’t forget this one boy who had been taking heroin because of his brother — who used to sell drugs. This little innocent boy.. same age as my baby boy.. I could see the trauma in his eyes,” she wrote in her caption. “I will never forget the girl who hugged me and cried.. Helplessly.. She was also a recovering heroin addict who had been gang raped mercilessly. I couldn’t help but cry with her. I am still so angry that she went through that. It makes my blood boil that those men are roaming around free!!”

The Humsafar actor pointed out that the rehab centre is not only helping people with their addictions but also the mental health struggles that come with those addictions. “There are countless children, women and men suffering in our countries. Battling addiction, battling abuse of all kinds.. I am so grateful for The British Asian Trust and AAS Trust for providing a safe space for them. For treating not only the addiction but the mental trauma that comes with what they have gone through. I know what I have to do.. I hope that I can do it one day InshaAllah,” she added, hinting at continuing the same work at a personal capacity.

She appealed to her followers to channel more empathy. “To all of you, please be kinder than ever, we have no idea what people are going through,” she said, urging them to help in whatever capacity they can. “Please spread awareness and remove any stigma and shame attached to mental illness. Please donate. Please volunteer. Even going and spending a day with the kids brightens up their day.”

She concluded with a small prayer for all those she met on Monday. “I did see a little glimmer of hope.. in their eyes.. I pray and hope to God that each one of them gets back on their feet and can have a future they deserve. InshaAllah.”