04 Oct, 2022

A new on-screen couple are about to make their debut onscreen — actors Muneeb Butt and Komal Meer are starring in Qalandar, a drama that stresses on the impact putting all your trust in God can have. It is expected to release next week.

On Tuesday, Butt shared a poster for the show and wrote, “Witness an enchanting tale of beliefs and values in our upcoming drama serial. Coming soon on Geo Entertainment.”

Revealing the name and approximate release date of the project, he told Images about his character Tabrez. “[He] is a very passionate, vibrant and lively boy. He’s very ambitious as well, his dream is to become a very successful businessman. He completed his studies from Lahore and his family is from rural Punjab. They’re not very well-off, they collect money to send him to Lahore for his studies. After he goes to Lahore and studies, he dreams of lifting his family and providing them with a good lifestyle.”

The Yeh Na Thi Hamari Qismat actor also introduced the female lead. “The story revolves around a girl who’s very religious, prays and is virtuous. She’s quite pious [too], whatever she prays for, God grants it. Since she prays a lot, her prayers have a lot of impact. She is the guy’s cousin — his [my character’s] father asks for her hand for his son and they get married. If I tell you more, I’ll end up revealing the whole story,” he chuckled before continuing.

“It’s a story revolving around three or four characters and the essence is simply that if you have firm faith in Allah, if you believe that as long as you haven’t harmed another, you won’t be harmed either — at the end you will be dealt with good. In the beginning there may be problems but it works out in your favour eventually,” he explained.

Butt talked about the significance of his character. “Yes, my character is very much impactful because his actions cause Komal Meer’s character, Dur-e-Adan, to react. My actions is this drama are directed linked to Dur-e-Adan and Sumbul, who’s being played by Hiba Aziz,” he said. “The message my character carries is that if you run after money and take decisions accordingly, then at the end of the day, you cannot be successful. So whatever decisions you take, money should be on second priority and you relationships on first.”

Calling his first time working with Meer “amazing”, the Baddua actor said it didn’t feel like they were working together for the first time. “I’m sure people will also like our chemistry. It’s a new couple, new and fresh faces are going to come on screen so I hope people like us as a couple,” he said.

“The writer is Samra Bukhari, who wrote Gul-e-Rana and Ghar Titli Ka Par, and the director is Saima Waseem who helmed Kahin Deep Jalay. [It is being produced by] 7th Sky [Entertainment Presentation], Abdullah Kadwani,” he said.

The drama also stars Ali Abbas, Asma Abbas, Kashif Mehmood, Noor ul Hassan, Ali Tahir, Kinza Malik, Ahmed Abbas, Hamna Amir, Maham Afzal Khuwaja, Usman Chaudhry, Naima Khan, Kinza Razzak, Sadoon Ali, Haira Muhammad and Fajar Khan.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 04, 2022 05:14pm
Bring it on.
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Ukasha Rajpoot Oct 04, 2022 11:34pm
I know our society is not in the best of its form but, anything you watch across the board, its either father, mother, sister or anybody else is negatively trying to ruin the relationship of a couple. Can we get out of this typical narrative, please save your breath and start working on something better, some new fresh breeze.
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