Will Smith’s first movie since Oscars slap, Emancipation, to be released in December

Will Smith’s first movie since Oscars slap, Emancipation, to be released in December

The historical thriller will be eligible for next year's Academy Awards.
04 Oct, 2022

Hollywood actor Will Smith’s first movie since he slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, a historical thriller called Emancipation, will debut in cinemas in December, a move that makes the film eligible for next year’s Oscars.

Distributor Apple announced the timing in a statement and released a trailer on Monday. Emancipation, which tells the story of a man who escapes from slavery, was filmed before Smith attacked Rock on stage in February but its release date had been uncertain.

Smith is banned from attending the Oscars ceremony for 10 years, but he is still eligible to be nominated and win. The actor has publicly apologised to Rock, the film academy and the public for slapping the comedian over a joke about the appearance of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Less than an hour later, Smith won best actor for playing the father of tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams in King Richard.

Emancipation will play exclusively in theaters for one week starting on December 2 and will debut on the Apple TV+ streaming service on December 9, Apple said.

The movie was inspired by a real-life story of a man who became known as “Whipped Peter” after Harper’s Weekly published images in 1863 of extensive scarring on his back from whippings he received as a slave.


Samir Oct 04, 2022 01:06pm
Smith should be banned from movies and shouldn’t have given Oscar after he slapped Rock.
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MAK Oct 04, 2022 01:24pm
Majority of showbiz people live in an alternate reality. In other words, they are crazy people
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 04, 2022 01:55pm
Once an abuser, always a loser.
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NYS Oct 04, 2022 02:52pm
Still eligible to nominate for the win, a talented guy "Smith Oscar slap holder"
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LOL Oct 04, 2022 03:57pm
Bound to fail.
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Kiwi Oct 04, 2022 04:06pm
All actors have big egos.
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GettingThere Oct 04, 2022 07:34pm
What a slapper
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IsthisReal Oct 04, 2022 07:34pm
And what am I suppose to do? Why do I care? Why do we care about this at all?
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Anonymouseee Oct 04, 2022 08:11pm
Shame on him for still not apologizing to Chris Rock. I ain’t watching any of his movies anymore.
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Amber Oct 04, 2022 11:34pm
He lost all my respect after the Oscar incident . Fame is hard to manage .
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Zulfiqar Oct 05, 2022 01:29am
@Samir he went overboard but banning is not ok because the award is for acting not reality
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Sajid Oct 05, 2022 05:42am
Everyone passing big judgements in this comment section act like they've never done something out of anger before. Yeah right you're all saints
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Mjb Oct 05, 2022 07:56am
@Samir why it’s okay he is human
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Abida Oct 05, 2022 09:18am
@Anonymouseee I think you should first read the news and then comment. It's written " The actor has publicly apologised to Rock, "
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