Karachi has better food than Lahore. England skipper Moeen Ali thinks so too

Karachi has better food than Lahore. England skipper Moeen Ali thinks so too

The cricketer said during a press conference that he was a little "disappointed" in Lahore whereas Karachi was "nice".
03 Oct, 2022

The debate about who has better food, Karachi or Lahore, has been a long and heated one and we now know what side of the argument England skipper Moeen Ali falls on — he’s team Karachi all the way!

On Sunday, the England cricket team defeated Pakistan by 67 runs to clinch the seven-match series 4-3. In a press conference after the match, a journalist asked Ali about how satisfied the team has been with the security provided during their Pakistan tour and if they got to try Pakistani food while here.

Drawing the line between the two cities where the matches were played, Karachi and Lahore, Ali said the security had been “outstanding” and much more than what they were expecting.

But when it came to food, he said, “I’ve been a little bit disappointed in Lahore, Karachi was really nice. Everything’s nice but this time I found it a little bit disappointing maybe because I lost my tastebuds a bit.”

The team visited Pakistan after 17 years and food has clearly been on the agenda. England bowler Mark Wood told Geo TV that daal was one of his favourite dishes in Pakistan.

Food is that one subject that turns a normal discussion into a heated debate in a matter of minutes between people from Karachi and Lahore. But does that mean Ali’s stamp of approval for Karachi food will put an end to this debate? We don’t think so.

Which side of the argument do you fall on? Team Karachi or Team Lahore?