Hira Mani and husband Mani partner up with Indus Hospital to raise funds for flood relief efforts

Hira Mani and husband Mani partner up with Indus Hospital to raise funds for flood relief efforts

They've visited eight cities in the US for fundraising events so far and have eight more visits lined up.
29 Sep, 2022

Pakistani celebrities have been making waves for their red carpet looks at the annual HUM Awards but some faces missing at the event were Hira Mani and her husband Mani. The actors have been on a US tour in collaboration with the Indus Hospital in an effort to raise funds for victims of the floods in Pakistan.

On September 6, Hira shared a clip of herself on Instagram where she highlighted that Pakistan is going through the “worst humanitarian crisis that it has seen in the past decade” and how everyone has the responsibility to help during this trial of “epic proportions”. “Right now we have to embrace the flood affectees the same way all us Pakistanis came together at the time of earthquake and we went above and beyond in helping each other out,” she said.

After her mission to collect funds in the US, the Ibn-e-Hawwa actor told Images that they collected more than $2 million from eight cities and there are still eight more to visit as part of their campaign. The money is being collected to set up medical relief camps.

While thanking God for the opportunity she and her husband Mani got, the actor said, “This is my reward that I got from the people sitting in front of me, the overseas Pakistanis, and I will take this reward for the people of Pakistan who are currently going through a difficult time.”

Her effort was also appreciated by actor Nadia Afgan who shared a post highlighting her collection from each city. The Suno Chanda star wrote that she’s proud of Hira and said people often spread news of her mistakes and slip-ups but very few people know what a simple and good person she is. “This was not an easy task but you did it,” Afgan said, with a prayer for her.

On August 26, the hospital’s official YouTube account shared the video announcing that the celebrities would be visiting 21 cities in the US for fundraising efforts. They have collected funds from Detroit, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Atlanta, St.Louis, North Carolina, Austin and Chicago. Now they will be heading to Dallas on Saturday and Columbus on Sunday. After that they will be heading to New Jersey, Santa Calrita, Portland, Tampa, Orlando and Boston as their last stop.


Maxx Sep 29, 2022 01:50pm
Personal promotion tour..overseas Pakistanis give for the cause not for the personalities!
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 29, 2022 02:48pm
Great move and excellent news. Well done, keep it up and hang on tough.
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NYS Sep 29, 2022 03:09pm
Mani Hira are the only takeaway celeb for Indus Hospital ,surprised what stunt they made to get monetary in dollars
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Syed Hasni Sep 29, 2022 03:33pm
Mani is looking an ad of fair and lovely, is he going on the same track as Fahad.
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Asif Sep 29, 2022 03:57pm
Do people even know these two in US?
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Aam Aadami Sep 29, 2022 04:58pm
Lets focus less on the celebrities and more on the victims. Nadia Afghan's post is making me sick!
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M. Emad Sep 29, 2022 06:36pm
Cheap Publicity.
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M. Emad Sep 29, 2022 09:09pm
Cheap publicity stunt.
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Hina Bashir Sep 29, 2022 10:36pm
That good to hear good affects. but where all this cash going. Sorry but its true.
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Isthisreal Sep 29, 2022 10:45pm
Another publicity stunt? Another gimmick or real initiative?
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Uyghyr ahmadi Sep 30, 2022 08:19am
If they are kind, they are staying true to their original heritage
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