‘Pakistan needs us!’: Mufti Menk visits Sindh and asks followers to donate for flood relief

‘Pakistan needs us!’: Mufti Menk visits Sindh and asks followers to donate for flood relief

The Zimbabwean Islamic scholar delivered aid and raised awareness about flood affected areas.
20 Sep, 2022

Pakistan is currently dealing with the aftermath of recent floods and is in need of all the help it can get. Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Mufti Menk has decided to not only raise awareness about the losses flood-affected people have suffered but also to be present on ground to help out.

On Monday, he shared a video compilation of his visit to Sindh where he talked to the flood affectees and pitched tents to provide them with shelter. “DEVASTATION! Pakistan needs us! Unimaginable situation! DONATE A TENT! Give comfort to a family! £100 per tent!,” he wrote, linking to Abdullah Aid UK, an international relief charity he’s the global ambassador of. Mufti Menk, an Islamic scholar, has a large following on social media for his welcoming approach towards discussing religion.

He encouraged his followers to donate to help out as much as they can through any reliable charity, adding that assistance will need to continue for a few years, considering the damage.

He addressed his “beloved” friends and followers in Pakistan, explained his intentions for the visit and apologised for not being able to do much else. “I visited parts of Sindh with just one intention. To reach out by delivering some aid and creating further awareness about the plight of the millions who’ve been affected by the devastating floods,” he wrote. “Please forgive me for not being able to entertain any unrelated meetings, visits or invitations. I made no exceptions. I love you all!”

The mufti also shared snippets of his site survey captioned, “Devastating aftermath of the Pakistan floods. Pakistan needs us…”

Staying true to his famed humorous side, he also posted a video of him having chai captioned, “Undercover in Pakistan?” He explained that he was able to enjoy it in public without being recognised due to his mask.

The mufti appreciated the people, culture and chai right after he arrived as well. “NUMBER ONE!” he exclaimed.

If you wish to help in any way, here is our extensive list of organisations you can donate to and do your part.