Documentary House of Hammer explores rape allegations made against actor Armie Hammer

Documentary House of Hammer explores rape allegations made against actor Armie Hammer

The three-part series features his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich, the main accuser and his aunt Casey Hammer who revealed the Hammer family's dark secrets.
Updated 06 Sep, 2022

Docuseries House of Hammer has caused a stir in Hollywood as it explores the allegations made against actor Armie Hammer by multiple women who accused him of sexual assault and a history of drug abuse. The documentary starts with a warning that it contains graphic descriptions of “violence, sexual abuse and coercive control”.

The documentary released on Friday for Discovery+ and is a three-part series that exposes the women who came forward with their claims about Hammer abusing them.

In early 2021, the Lone Ranger star was accused of sending inappropriate messages to women after an anonymous ex began to post graphic messages that the actor had sent her, such as being a cannibal and wanting to eat women. The messages then snowballed and Hammer’s career went into a free-fall. The Social Network actor denied all allegations, according to Variety, and had said that every interaction with his sexual partners was consensual.

But despite his denials, numerous women have accused him of abuse, coercion and rape, which lead to an LAPD investigation. If you have kept tabs on social media for the past year-and-a-half, Hammer, once Hollywood’s golden boy, had been in the news for accusations that started rolling out after his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich came forward with her experience. But the new docuseries exposes more of the messages he sent to other women while also digging into his troubled family history. Hammer is the great-grandson of American businessman Armand Hammer.

According to Variety, the actor’s team has not responded to any allegations aired in the documentary yet. An attorney for Hammer also declined to comment, according to the publication.

Here are the biggest bombshells from the documentary.

Wanting to tie someone up

Hammer allegedly sent a voice note to a woman saying that he wanted to tie her up with ropes and “incapacitate” her. “Alright, buckle your seatbelt. This is going to be the bet. If I won, I get to come over to your house with my bag of goodies,” Hammer’s voice is heard saying in the series, in an alleged voice message.

Referring to women as his slave

“I decide when you eat, when you sleep,” an alleged text from Hammer read, as shown on-screen. In the documentary his accusers explained that the Rebecca actor often called his partners “kitten” and in one of many messages in the documentary, he referred to a woman as his own “personal little slave”.

“You are mine! You hear me? I own you now. I’ll own you forever,” another unverified text of Hammer’s read in the docuseries. It also made it to the three-and-a-half minute long trailer.

Julia Morrison, an artist who said that she was contacted by the actor on Instagram, appeared on-camera to share some of the messages she received. “I have a fantasy about having someone prove their love and devotion and tying them up in a public place at night and making their body free use…And seeing if they will f**k strangers for me,” Morrison read aloud.

In another text, Morrison stated that the actor wrote, “You don’t think or worry about anything except being a good little pet. My own personal little slave… in return you will be worshipped, fed and f***ed.”

Showing up unannounced

One woman said that Hammer showed up to her apartment building unannounced. Vucekovich said she met the actor in 2019 at a bar and the next morning he added her on Instagram. A few months later, he messaged her on the photo-sharing app, beginning a series of texts and calls. She explained that he had grown very close from communicating on a daily basis and would share details, such as their past traumas, forming a deep connection. In the documentary, Vucekovich said Hammer was “love bombing” her and she believed every bit of it.

But before they had ever met in person, she revealed that Hammer showed up at her apartment in Dallas, Texas and sent her a photo of the building after calling her 22 times in a row. She claims that she asked him to leave but he responded and said he was just trying to find her “scent”.

On-camera, Vucekovich said, “I remember being like, ‘Are we flirting? Or is this scary?’” Hammer then sent photos of him entering the building and saying that nothing can stop him.

“I didn’t know how to feel about the note,” Vucekovich said. “I took it metaphorically, not literally. I just thought he wanted intimacy and closeness and wanted us to be together, so I chose to look at it as more flattering than concerning. When I told my friends about us talking, I left that part out. I think that says a lot.”

Tracking a woman’s location

Vucekovich, the main accuser in the documentary, revealed that Hammer tracked her location on his phone. She said that one day she was out on a walk with a friend when Hammer showed up on his scooter.

“I fell right back into it,” she admits. “I thought it was romantic. I thought, ‘He’s fighting for me.’” She said that she even tried to break things off with the Hollywood star but he didn’t want to leave her alone and she fell right back into the relationship.

Branding women

Throughout the documentary, various texts are shown on-screen that discloses Hammer’s graphic messages about his fantasies with women that he’s communicating with.

One of the fantasies was branding women where he said he wanted to bite and leave a mark then have it turned into a tattoo. “Brand you, tattoo you, mark you, shave your head and keep your hair with me, cut a piece of your skin off and make you cook it for me,” read the text.

The documentary also made shocking revelation about Hammer being into cannibalism as he admitted that he has cut the heart out of a living being and eaten it while it was still warm.

The actor’s aunt Casey Hammer also appeared in the docuseries where she claims that she was not “shocked” when she heard about the allegations. She said someone doesn’t become so dark all so sudden and that such behaviour is deep-rooted. She also unveiled the Hammer family’s dark secrets and said the men in her family are “true monsters”. His aunt has been estranged from the family and serves as the consultant on House of Hammer.

“On the outside we were a perfect family, but beneath it all was a dark world of deceit, betrayal and corruption. And that’s why I’m coming forward now. It’s time to stop the cycle,” she said. Speaking more about the men in Hammer lineage, she revealed that her nephew’s treatment of women stems from the male figures in his life.

“That’s the sign of a true monster. You can look in the mirror and not see [your] aunt or that you’re doing anything wrong, and that’s how deep it goes with my brother, and that’s why it’s so scary because he has no conscious. And now, it’s Armie,” she said.

She continued by saying that every generation in her family has been involved in dark misdeeds and it just gets worse. She believes that there is so much more beneath the surface that is now finally coming to light.


Anonymouseee Sep 06, 2022 02:01pm
Guilty until proven innocent. Mere talks should not be grounds for a case against him as it’s his right under freedom of speech. Nowadays women will make up any stories to get cheap publicity. If however he is guilty, then the law shall take its course.
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Zak Sep 06, 2022 03:53pm
He is taking his scary role too seriously.
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