Pakistan’s nail-biting victory against India in the Asia Cup kept Twitterverse on the edge

Pakistan’s nail-biting victory against India in the Asia Cup kept Twitterverse on the edge

The Blue Shirts set a 182-run target for the Green Shirts in the Super Four match of the tournament.
Updated 04 Sep, 2022

Pakistan and India in a standoff always involves a lot of nerves and excitement and this match was no different. With netizens glued to their screens, the play-by-play was documented on Twitter, each catch, drop and run inducing a range of emotions in all of us. The end particularly had us on the edge of our seats — it’s all worth it though because the Green Shirts won this one. Congratulations Team Pakistan!

Pakistan chased a 182-run target set by India in their Super Four match of the Asia Cup 2022 at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The Green Shirts won the toss and chose to bowl first which felt like a good omen up until players were injured or diverted from their usual performance, driving fans mad with the will they-won’t they suspense about the second innings.

With a strong batting line-up, the Blue Shirts really gave their opponents — and their opponent’s fans — a hard time.

The match progressing had us like:

Kohli back in form just in time for this match didn’t help matters either.

Prayer circles were initiated.

And they worked their magic — albeit after a century’s worth of runs.

Many questioned whether this was the same Naseem Shah who reminded them of Shaheen Afridi’s bowling last Sunday.

And quite a few were disappointed in Fakhar Zaman for dropping an important catch.

Pakistani team’s batting didn’t live up to their expectations either.

Some chose to protect their sentiments by turning off their screens.

The true problem.

There were, however, moments that made the fans’ spirits rise.

How nervous were you during the match? Let us know in the comments!


NYS Sep 04, 2022 11:00pm
Congratulations Long live Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad!!!
BSD Sep 04, 2022 11:02pm
Well done Pakistan! Good game!
M. Emad Sep 04, 2022 11:03pm
Spot-fixing Scandals ---- Cheating rampant in Pakistan cricket,
Khan , USA Sep 04, 2022 11:12pm
Pakistan Zindabad !
Kk Sep 04, 2022 11:21pm
Excellent played by rizwan
Guru Sep 04, 2022 11:33pm
Not a great performance by both team especially in the field. I am congratulating pakistan for victory!
nouman Sep 04, 2022 11:37pm
Last time India won against Pakistan indian fans was shouting bad things about pakistan in the streets of UK. Now lets see them go to bed crying
Akram Sep 04, 2022 11:58pm
Pakistani green shirts. As unpredictable as ever........
Jadon Sep 05, 2022 12:04am
Nawaz was the game changer this time. India failed to control him. And finally, 19th over from B Kumar closed all possibilities.
ENGR Hamid Shafiq Sep 05, 2022 12:06am
Both teams and players are good a match is worth to watch especially last 2 overs
Omar Abdullah Sep 05, 2022 12:10am
I was extremely nervous..Couldn't sit and watch the match, started pacing around drinking lots of water and shouting like mad!!
Indoaryan Sep 05, 2022 12:17am
Pakistan has kicked Indian ar.. & won the match. Well done Pakistan. Next time it will be for the Indians to do same to anyone who comes into their trap.
Lahoriyaa Sep 05, 2022 12:20am
My spirit was down looking at how pakistan given away some 23 runs in mis fields and extras.. pakistan needed improvements on that side to become champions...
Fastrack Sep 05, 2022 01:00am
Unbelievable. Pakistan won the match. But your piece has none of the Pakistan's glorious moments.
Critic Sep 05, 2022 01:28am
Well played both and congrats to the winner!
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 05, 2022 02:42am
Well played green shirts. As always, keep it up and hang on tough.
Umesh Sep 05, 2022 06:22am
Controlled myself. Watched till the end
REVERSESWING Sep 05, 2022 06:28am
One of the main reasons of Pakistan’s success so far is non-participation of Pakistani cricketers in IPL. It’s a blessing that our youngsters were not exposed IPL environment otherwise we would have been in a similar situation as England , New Zealand, South African. Australian, and West Indian cricketers are,
Akhtar Husain Sep 05, 2022 06:47am
Well done India. Pakistan is the winner.
Ijaz Durrani Sep 05, 2022 07:18am
Well done Team Pakistan. The real IND-PK match will be played on September 11th!!
AK Sep 05, 2022 08:48am
it was defence day gift tp Pakistani nation
Harfanmaula Sep 05, 2022 11:19am
India lost in the penultimate over. Well done Pakistan.
Harfanmaula Sep 05, 2022 11:23am
As always, toss winner wins the match.
Maula Jatt Sep 05, 2022 12:06pm
@M. Emad ..yes first championship trophy final Pak won by over 150 runs then T20 WC Pak won by 10 wickets and now this all is spot fixing to you losers.