A marriage of convenience trope? Count netizens in thanks to Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan’s drama Habs

A marriage of convenience trope? Count netizens in thanks to Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan’s drama Habs

The latest episode of the drama saw Shah's Ayesha discovering more about Basit’s life as well as her own and taking a stand for herself.
17 Aug, 2022

Multiple dramas have hit the screen lately but Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan’s Habs is one that has everyone talking, especially netizens who just can’t get over their chemistry as Ayesha and Basit .

With episodes dropping each Tuesday, this week ARY Digital aired double episodes that gave viewers and Twitterati a full scoop of Basit and Ayesha’s new relationship, filled with challenges, “angst and pain”.

This week’s episode saw Ayesha finding out more about Basit’s life as a child when she discovers the painful notes he had written for his mother but never got the courage to send them. Their relationship takes a turn when she demands to work for the sake of her family but Basit refuses to let her when he can help her out financially instead.

Things escalate quickly for the two as Ayesha applies for a job only to bump into her husband who had a meeting with the company’s boss. On their way back home, the new couple fight as Ayesha says she has no right over his life or the right to be called his wife because he doesn’t let her in that their contract marriage can come to an end if that’s all it takes. This results in Basit fighting back and almost raising his hand on Ayesha who takes great offence (and rightly so) and fights back while he deals with the guilt of almost hitting her.

People have been discussing their challenges, chemistry and conversations online, and singing praises for both actors pulling off characters like Ayesha and Basit who hail from different socio-economic backgrounds.

They make an attractive couple.

They’re also making the “marriage of convenience” trope grow on fans.

Habs is serving the slow burn that I was yearning for,” wrote a user while hoping for a happy ending for both Basit and Ayesha.

Another user is ready for whatever “kind of pain they have in store”.

This user hailed Shah’s acting and said how her script choices are “always on point”.

Basit and Ayesha are on everyone’s minds.

People had their favourite moments from the show as well.

The drama also stars Shah’s real life sister Irsa Ghazal, who plays Khan’s mother and Shah’s mother-in-law. Ayesha Omar, Hina Rizvi, Javed Sheikh, Shazia Qaiser, Musaddiq Malek, Imran Aslam and Janice Tessa are also part of the show.

Habs has been written by Aliya Makhdoom, directed by Musaddiq Malek and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib.


Reality Aug 17, 2022 11:51am
Acting looks pathetic though
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NYS Aug 17, 2022 12:58pm
Don't tell me Usna and Irsa are real life sisters (huge gap). Liking Irsa acting albeit... The friction in spouse is on going process ,show opens how to cope the worst to make flexible compatibility
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Hassan Siddiqui Aug 17, 2022 01:40pm
A little comdey in this drama would have made it more memorable ...
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