Hania Aamir’s Hala rules over Twitter as netizens fawn over her latest performance in Mere Humsafar

Hania Aamir’s Hala rules over Twitter as netizens fawn over her latest performance in Mere Humsafar

Hala was seen standing up to her uncle and aunt while also revealing the truth about how she grew up to her estranged father.
12 Aug, 2022

TV show Mere Humsafar trends every week for Farhan Saeed’s character Hamza being everyone’s ideal hero but this time the spotlight has been stolen by Hania Aamir’s Hala, who faced her estranged father, addressed his dispute with his siblings over shares and reveal how she was treated while he was not around.

The drama that airs every Thursday has faced a lot of criticism while also being praised for the portrayal of a supporting husband, Hamza, played by Saeed. While many were adoring him, they had criticised Hala for not speaking up and confronting him up until now. Her character stood up to all the family members who did her wrong except for her grandmother who had always protected her in the latest episode.

Many netizens have been singing praises for the actor’s performance and have demanded Aamir “take a bow”.

Some believe Aamir deserves all the appreciation.

Applause resounded.

Some users appreciated the scene where she faced her father.

For this user, it was a “much needed outburst”.

One user described Aamir as a “gem” and said nobody could’ve made Hala work like she did. “She has made the audience root for a character who could have easily gone down the long list of sorry FL characters, that nobody cares about. She made Hala resonate with all,” they wrote.

Hala had people in tears.

And Hamza had their hearts.

People love how “unbiased” he is when it comes to his wife, Hala, and mother, Shahjehan (Saba Hameed).

Some users were glad to see Hala throw Hamza’s earlier words back in his face.

The drama has garnered mainly positive reviews and netizens now have Aamir’s Hala as their new favourite character. Aamir was last seen in Sang-e-Mah while Saeed has two dramas on air at the moment, Mere Humsafar where he plays the not so toxic male lead and Badshah Begum in which he plays the character of Pir Shahzaib.

Mere Humsafar is being directed by Qasim Ali Mureed who has another project in the pipeline with Saeed and his actor wife Urwa Hocane for their film Tich Button.


Dr. Asim Maqbool Aug 12, 2022 04:11pm
Great actress in making..
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SaneMind1st Aug 12, 2022 04:16pm
Women in Pakistan always have to stand up to. State.
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Ed Aug 12, 2022 07:18pm
I never knew that Hania can act with such brilliance!
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Zia Aug 13, 2022 05:56am
She had been the soul of the series all along, this performance takes her to a new height, the one who endured, kept everybody’s honour, and even in rage did not dishonour any body.
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